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Employee Name Employee Email Job Title Building(s)
Adams, Amy aadams@wls4kids.org Associate Principal Wernert, Jackman
Adams, Christina CAdams@WLS4Kids.org Jackman
Adams, Joshua jadams@wls4kids.org Social Studies Teacher Whitmer
Adams, Julie juadams@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER Transportation
Adduci, Tammie tadduci@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
admin, registration registration@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Aeschliman, Kristy kaeschli@wls4kids.org ESL INSTRUCTOR CTC
Aiken, Colleen caiken@wls4kids.org teacher Meadowvale
Albert, Benjamin BAlbert@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Albright, Mitchell malbright@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER CTC
Aldanondo, Emily EAldanondo@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Aldrich, Kathryn kaldrich@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Hiawatha
Alford, Chris calford@wls4kids.org WASH HEAD CUST Washington
Algarin, Jason JAlgarin@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer, District Police
Algarin, Tiffany TAlgarin@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Shoreland
Allen, Brenda ballen@wls4kids.org safety aide Monac
Alspaugh, kelli KAlspaugh@wls4kids.org Administration
Alspaugh, Kelly KeAlspaugh@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Whitmer
Aman, Craig caman@wls4kids.org teacher Jackman, Wernert
Ames, Danuta DaAmes@WLS4Kids.org Washington
Anderson, Crystal canderson@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Hiawatha, Jackman
Anderson, Garret GAnderson@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Meadowvale
Anderson, Morgan MAnderson@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Anderson, Westley WAnderson@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Ansara, Kristina kansara@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Jackman, Monac
Anstadt, Kadee KAnstadt@WLS4Kids.org Superintendent Central Office, Central Office
Anthony, April aanthony@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER RIF List
Appleman, Pamela pappleman@wls4kids.org BUS MONITOR Transportation
Armstrong, Abby AArmstrong@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher-SPED Whitmer
Armstrong, Luke LArmstrong@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Arnold, Rhoda RArnold@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Arnold, Rhonda RhArnold@WLS4Kids.org nutrition service worker Greenwood
Arvay, Christine carvay@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer
Ashley, Pon Bong pashley@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Austin, Phillip PAustin@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Specialist- 4th/5th grade Wernert
Avers, Molly mavers@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Washington
Babel-Pounds, Debra dbabelpounds@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/SAFETY AIDE Shoreland, Transportation
Babich, Stephen sbabich@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
Babona Pilipos, Sargon SBabona@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Bacon, Paige PBacon@WLS4Kids.org Kindergarten Shoreland, Wernert
Badovick, Molly mbadovick@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. TEACHER Whitmer
Baer, Laurey LBaer@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Baidel, Constance cbaidel@wls4kids.org SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST McGregor, Hiawatha, Wernert
Baidel, Reis rbaidel@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
Bailey, Jaclyn JBailey@WLS4Kids.org Greenwood
Bain, Janet JBain@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Baker, Jereme jbaker@wls4kids.org warehouse stadium split Administration
Baldwin, Elizabeth ebaldwin@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Washington
Balogh, Jay jbalogh@wls4kids.org bus driver Monac, Building Services
Bannister, Irshad IBannister@WLS4Kids.org Board Member Central Office, Board Members
Bannister, Jenna jBannister@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Banta-Martin, Theresa tbantamartin@wls4kids.org EMIS SECRETARY Admin
Baranovic, Jillian JBaranovic@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Hiawatha
Baranovic, Jillian JiBaranovic@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Bare, Christine CBare@WLS4Kids.org Paraprofessional Meadowvale
Barnes, Tara TBarnes@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Barone, Katherine KBarone@WLS4Kids.org staff McGregor
Bartic, Kala KBartic@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Bates, Lindsay lbates@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Baughman, Randy RBaughman@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Bauman, David dbauman@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN/NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Central Office
Baumberger, Kelly kbaumber@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Shoreland
Baumgartner, Brent bbaumgar@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER CTC
Baumgartner, Jennifer jbaumgart@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Bean, Mitchel MBean@WLS4Kids.org Music Monac, Hiawatha
Beaver, Jennifer JBeaver@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Beavers, Rachael RBeavers@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Meadowvale
Becker, Christin cbecker@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Becker, Stephen SBecker@WLS4Kids.org Hiawatha
Begin, Melissa mbegin@wls4kids.org TECHNOLOGY/TESTING MONITOR Whitmer
Behrman, Ashley ABehrman@WLS4Kids.org Hiawatha
Benge, Nancy NBenge@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Bennett, Audra abennett@wls4kids.org STUDENT SERVICE SECRETARY Central Office, Student Services
Bennett II, David dbennett@wls4kids.org 5th Grade Teacher Shoreland
Berkel, Michelle miberkel@wls4kids.org 1st Grade Teacher Wernert
Berman, Matt mberman@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Bernhardt, Albert abernhardt@wls4kids.org principal - elementary Hiawatha
Berry, Kamille KBerry@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Berry, Lori lberry@wls4kids.org Registration Secretary Central Office
Berryman, Lori lberryma@wls4kids.org HR Director Central Office, HR
Berryman, Marc mberryma@wls4kids.org teacher Washington
Bettis, Amy abettis@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Washington
Betz, Brian BrBetz@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Bibish, Tom tbibish@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Certified Subs
Bicanovsky, Jennifer jbicanovsky@wls4kids.org teacher Hiawatha
Bickerstaff, Riley RBickerstaff@WLS4Kids.org Therapy Intern Jackman
Biegajski, Brittany bbiegajski@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Billingsley, Samantha SBillingsley@WLS4Kids.org Summer Registration Employee Central Office, Central Office
Billingsley, Verdell vbillingsley@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
Bishop, Emily EBishop@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Sub Hiawatha
Bitz, Tyler TBitz@WLS4Kids.org Special Education Whitmer
Bjelicic, Nenad NBjelicic@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Greenwood
Black, Carolyn cblack@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist McGregor
Black, Casey cablack@wls4kids.org GRADE 7/8 TEACHER Jefferson
Blalock, Tiffany tblalock@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Monac
Blank, Anthony ablank@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER McGregor, Hiawatha
Bobak, Cindy cbobak@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE MANAGER Meadowvale
Bocanegra, Victoria vbocanegra@wls4kids.org staff Jefferson
Boehm, Ann aboehm@wls4kids.org head custodian Greenwood
Boehm, Mark mboehm@wls4kids.org storekeeper/warehouse Administration
Boes, Laura LBoes@WLS4Kids.org Counselor Whitmer
Bojarski, Brendalee bbojarski@wls4kids.org bus driver Meadowvale, Building Services
Bolone, Lori LBolone@WLS4Kids.org Literacy Coach through Lake Erie West Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Bonner, David DBonner@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Borders, Tiffany TBorders@WLS4Kids.org Substitute/Classified McGregor
Borkowski, Dona dborkows@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Jefferson
Borysiak, Kevin kborysiak@wls4kids.org Custodian Monac
Borysiak, Matthias MBorysiak@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Bosch, Brandon bbosch@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Jefferson
Bosch, Lori lbosch@wls4kids.org TEACHER Washington
Bott, Charles cbott@wls4kids.org Associate Principal Shoreland
Boudouris, Catherine cboudour@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Hiawatha
Bourquin-Doran, Alexa ABourquinDoran@wls4kids.org Math Teacher Whitmer, CTC
Bowser, David DBowser@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs, Long Term Cert Subs, Washington
Box, Michael MBox@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Boyd, Danielle dboyd@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Meadowvale
Boyd, Rhett rboyd@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Jefferson
Brancatto, Sabrina SBrancatto@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Jefferson
Bresler, Rachel RBresler@WLS4Kids.org Registration Secretary Central Office
Brillhart, Brittanie BBrillhart@WLS4Kids.org Bus Driver Maintenance, Transportation
Britter, Paul PBritter@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Substitute Monac
Bronikowski, Jennifer jbronikowski@wls4kids.org PRINCIPAL Whitmer, CTC
Brooks, Brian BBrooks@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Brooks, Sandra sbrooks@wls4kids.org nutrition service manager Whitmer
Brower, Joseph jobrower@wls4kids.org teacher/auto tech CTC
Brown, Addalyn AdBrown@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor McGregor
Brown, Andrea abrown@wls4kids.org teacher Meadowvale
Brown, Ashley asbrown@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Greenwood
Brown, Danielle dbrown@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Monac
Brown, Ebony EbBrown@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Brown, Eric ebrown@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Brown, Kevin KeBrown@WLS4Kids.org Head Hockey Coach Central Office, Athletics
Brown, Madeline MaBrown@WLS4Kids.org Jackman
Brown, Molly mbrown@wls4kids.org teacher Jackman
Brown, Nathan NBrown@WLS4Kids.org Supervisor of Facilities and Technical Services Maintenance
Brown, Noah NoBrown@WLS4Kids.org Math Teacher Washington
Brown, Robert robrown@wls4kids.org teacher/dean Whitmer
Brown, Ryan rbrown@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Brown, Theresa ThBrown@WLS4Kids.org Elementary Principal Jackman, Wernert
Brownfield, Ashley ABrownfield@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Browning, Eric EBrowning@WLS4Kids.org Girls Track Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Broyles, Tommy tbroyles@wls4kids.org BUS MECHANIC Transportation
Brueshaber, Robin rbruesha@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Washington
Brugger, Rebecca RBrugger@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Tutor Shoreland, Meadowvale, Monac
Brunkhorst, Michelle mbrunkho@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Jackman, Hiawatha
Bruno, Rose RBruno@WLS4Kids.org Gifted Intervetion Specialist Central Office, Washington
Bryan, Heather HBryan@WLS4Kids.org Wernert
Buehrer, Julie jbuehrer@wls4kids.org Title I Reading Teacher Monac
Burch, Shauna SBurch@WLS4Kids.org staff Washington
Burgess, Darcy dburgess@wls4kids.org teacher Jackman
Burkart, Ann aburkart@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Whitmer
Burkart, Christopher cburkart@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Certified Subs
Burkett, Krista KBurkett@WLS4Kids.org Gifted Intervention Specialist Shoreland, Greenwood
Burkey, Jackie jburkey@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY LEAP TEACHER Greenwood
Burnett, Christie cburnett@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Burns, Melanie MeBurns@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Burton, Jessica JBurton@wls4kids.org SUB TEACHER/CERTIFIED Certified Subs
Busch, James jbusch@wls4kids.org safety aide Monac, Building Services
Bushmeyer, Robin rbushmeyer@wls4kids.org teacher Hiawatha
Buss, Bridget bbuss@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Caddarette, Sherri scaddarette@wls4kids.org cust Jackman
Cafe, Campus campuscafe@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer, CTC
Cambal, Tina TCambal@WLS4Kids.org Exec Secretary to Superintendent Central Office
Campbell, Karen kcampbell@wls4kids.org HEALTH TEACHER Washington
Campbell, Patricia pcampbell@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Meadowvale
Cardarelli, Laura LCardarelli@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Cardenas, Anthony ACardenas@WLS4Kids.org JV Baseball Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Caris, Lauren lcaris@wls4kids.org CBI TEACHER Whitmer, CTC
Caris, Trey TCaris@WLS4Kids.org Athletics Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Carnes, Brandan BCarnes@WLS4Kids.org Media Arts Whitmer, CTC
Carr, Laura LCarr@WLS4Kids.org Whitmer, Athletics
Carroll, Phil PCarroll@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Carter, Brandon bcarter@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Whitmer
Caryer, Jodi jcaryer@wls4kids.org TITLE I READING TEACHER Hiawatha
Casto, John jcasto@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Shoreland
Castro, Rebekah rcastro@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Cavanaugh, Delaney DCavanaugh@WLS4Kids.org Art Wernert, Jackman
Chadwick, Regina rchadwic@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Whitmer
Chaka, Kathleen kchaka@wls4kids.org Language Arts Intervention Washington
Chamberlin, Molly MChamberlin@WLS4Kids.org ESC Greenwood, Wernert
Chambers, Elizabeth echambers@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker RIF List
Champagne, Debra dchampagne@wls4kids.org Custodian Greenwood, Monac
Chaney, Mary mchaney@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE MANAGER Jefferson
Charter, Kenneth KCharter@WLS4Kids.org Washington
Cherry, Andrea ACherry@WLS4Kids.org ESC Contractor Jackman, McGregor, Wernert
Chesnut, Ashley AChesnut@wls4kids.org Teacher of the Deaf/HH Administration
Christoffers, Jeffrey jchristo@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Monac
Cicerella, Diana dcicerel@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Greenwood, Shoreland
Ciralsky, Kathleen kciralsk@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Hiawatha
Clark, Ann aclark@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Clarke, Ciara CClarke@WLS4Kids.org Sub teacher Washington
Clay, James jclay@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Whitmer
Clayton, Alexandrea AClayton@WLS4Kids.org Math Teacher CTC, Whitmer
Clegg, Amber AClegg@WLS4Kids.org Covid Liaison Jefferson
Clevenger, Melanie mclevenger@wls4kids.org Transportation Secretary Transportation, Whitmer
Clevenger, Taylor TClevenger@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Cline, Kelly kcline@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER McGregor
Cline, Patricia PCline@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Whitmer, Nutrition
Cloum, Alysia acloum@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Greenwood
Coffman, Jenna JCoffman@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Cogar, Melissa mcogar@wls4kids.org Secretary - Assistant Superintendent Central Office
Cole, Daneen dcole@wls4kids.org COMPUTER TEACHER Jefferson, Washington
Cole, Ida ICole@WLS4Kids.org Bus Driver Administration
Cole, Jessica jcole@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Shoreland
Cole, Lorie lcole@wls4kids.org head custodian Shoreland
Collins, Ronald RCollins@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Colon, William wcolon@wls4kids.org principal - elementary Greenwood
Conlan, Tammera tconlan@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Shoreland
Conley, Andrea aconley@wls4kids.org CLASSIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Connelly, Kathleen KConnelly@WLS4Kids.org Gifted Intervention Specialist Monac, Hiawatha
Cook, Kelly kcook@wls4kids.org Kindergarten Teacher Greenwood
Cooley, Kari KCooley@WLS4Kids.org UT Student Teacher Meadowvale
Cooper, Amanda ACooper@WLS4Kids.org Greenwood
Cooper, James JCooper@WLS4Kids.org Health Aide Monac, Central Office, DIS, Jackman, Jefferson
Costin, April acostin@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Washington
Coulter, Bridget bcoulter@wls4kids.org SPEECH PATHOLOGIST Greenwood, Monac
Coulter, Nicole NCoulter@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Cousino, Diane dcousino@wls4kids.org Sign Language Interpreter Certified Subs
Cousino, Gail gcousino@wls4kids.org LONG TERM SUB CLASSROOM AIDE Classified Sub
Cowan, Kelly kcowan@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
Cowell, April acowell@wls4kids.org HEAD CUSTODIAN Washington
Coy, Cal ccoy@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Crago, Kimberley kcrago@wls4kids.org BUS MONITOR/ SAFETY AIDE Transportation, McGregor
Crahan, Alexa ACrahan@WLS4Kids.org Cosmetology CTC
Crahan, Thomas tcrahan@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Cranston, Nicholas NCranston@WLS4Kids.org Physical Education Teacher Hiawatha
Crawford, Janet JCrawford@WLS4Kids.org Certified Substitute Certified Subs
Creighton, Cheryl ccreight@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER McGregor
Crespo, Marisa mcrespo@wls4kids.org Special Education Supervisor Central Office, Jackman, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Student Services, Wernert, Whitmer
Crisp, Laurie lcrisp@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER McGregor
Croka, Brittany BCroka@WLS4Kids.org Renewed Mind Whitmer
Croley, Lila LCroley@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Crosley, Margaret MCrosley@WLS4Kids.org Swim Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Cross, David DCross@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Crosson, Brenda bcrosson@wls4kids.org LIBRARY MEDIA CLERK RIF List
Crozier, Teresa tcrozier@wls4kids.org MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY TEACHER CTC
Crum , Jesse JCrum@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Cumbee, Rachel RCumbee@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Cunningham, Amanda ACunningham@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Cunningham, Jennifer JCunningham@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Curry, David dcurry@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Whitmer
Czerniakowski, Lori LCzerniakowski@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs, Wernert
Dake, Christina cdake@wls4kids.org HEALTH & PE TEACHER Whitmer
Danielski, Nick NDanielski@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Darling, Danielle ddarling@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER McGregor
Darrow, Tennille tdarrow@wls4kids.org Title 1 Greenwood
David, Bowser BDavid@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Davis, Gregory GDavis@WLS4Kids.org Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Davis, Maureen MDavis@WLS4Kids.org HOME INSTRUCTION Certified Subs
Davis, Rachael RDavis@WLS4Kids.org UT Student Teacher Wernert
Davis, Susan sudavis@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Jackman
Dayvolt, Jennifer jdayvolt@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Meadowvale, Jackman, McGregor
Dearth, Mary MDearth@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Dedo, Kimberly kdedo@wls4kids.org principal-shoreland Shoreland
Deiter, Angela adeiter@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Greenwood
Deiter, Dylan DDeiter@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Deiter, Samantha sdeiter@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Hiawatha
Delaney, Katherine Kresin KDelaney@WLS4Kids.org Kindergarten Committee Central Office, Curriculum
Delano, Joseph jdelano@wls4kids.org PSYCHOLOGIST Washington, Jefferson, Student Services
Delano, Wellington WDelano@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
DeLong, Jennifer jdelong@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE MANAGER Wernert
DeMoe, Melissa mdemoe@wls4kids.org library media clerk RIF List
Densmore, Bradley bdensmor@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Densmore, Heather hdensmore@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer
DePompei, Chelsea CDePompei@WLS4Kids.org 3rd Grade Hiawatha
desk, help helpdesk@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
DeStazio, Chloe CDeStazio@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Jackman
Diebert, Layla ldiebert@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED CD TEACHER Meadowvale
Diehl, Charles cdiehl@wls4kids.org teacher Meadowvale
Dillon, Joann jodillon@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Meadowvale
DIS, CompTemp3 comptemp3@WLS4Kids.org Summer Tech Help Central Office
DIS, Webmaster webmaster@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Disher, Catherine cadisher@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Dlugosielski, Stephanie SDlugosielski@wls4kids.org Title 1 Reading Meadowvale
Dodds, Mary MDodds@WLS4Kids.org ESC - Visually Impaired Teacher Greenwood
Donati, Carma cdonati@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Donbrosky, Maria MDonbros@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE MANAGER Jackman, Nutrition
Donnell, Craig cdonnell@wls4kids.org WELDING INSTRUCTOR CTC
Dopieralski, Ashley ADopieralski@WLS4Kids.org Transportation, McGregor
Doran, Kylee KDoran@WLS4Kids.org Wernert
Dotson, Elena EDotson@WLS4Kids.org Science Whitmer
Dotson, Nicole ndotson@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Monac
Dottei Jr., Donald DDotteiJr@WLS4Kids.org Bus Driver Maintenance, Transportation
Dougherty, Carrie cdougherty@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. TEACHER Whitmer
Douglas, Melissa MDouglas@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Downey, Stephanie sdowney@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER Transportation
Drake, Charley cdrake@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Jefferson
Draper, Terri TDraper@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Duffy, Tiffany tduffy@wls4kids.org Monac
Dunbar, Evan EDunbar@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Dunlap, Robert RDunlap@WLS4Kids.org staff Washington
Dunmeade, Kristen KDunmeade@WLS4Kids.org Whitmer
Dunn, Vincent vdunn@wls4kids.org food warehouse CTC
Dunne, Melissa MDunne@WLS4Kids.org staff Whitmer
Durden, Emanuel EDurden@WLS4Kids.org McGregor
Durham, Kyle KDurham@WLS4Kids.org JV Baseball Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Durham, Matthew mdurham@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Washington
Durham, Seth SDurham@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Whitmer
Dusseau, Katie KDusseau@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Jackman
Duston, Chris CDuston@WLS4Kids.org Junior High Wrestling Coach Central Office, Athletics
Dye, Ivan idye@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER CTC
Dye, Kimberley kdye@wls4kids.org Dispatcher Transportation, Jefferson
Earl, Jennifer jearl@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Early, Daphne DEarly@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Sub Certified Subs, Long Term Cert Subs, Washington, Whitmer
Eddy, Julie jeddy@wls4kids.org 12 MTH SECRETARY Jefferson
Edmonds, Dana dedmonds@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER/Dept. Chair CTC
Edwards, Robert REdwards@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Specialist Wernert
Eggert, Danielle DEggert@WLS4Kids.org Student teacher from BGSU McGregor
Elendt, Leslie lelendt@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Elliott, Jeremy jelliott@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Elliott, Susan SElliott@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Eltschlager, Kimberly KEltschlager@WLS4Kids.org Elementary Principal Meadowvale
Emahiser, Chelsey ChEmahiser@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs, Meadowvale
Emp, New Administration
Enck, Margaret MEnck@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Jackman
Erard, Kenneth kerard@wls4kids.org information technology technician Whitmer
Eriksen, Tanya TEriksen@WLS4Kids.org Nurse Jackman
Ersepke, Laura lersepke@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
ESL, ESL ESL@WLS4Kids.org ESL account for shared emails CTC, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Jackman, Jefferson, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Washington, Wernert, Whitmer
Estep, Madeleine MEstep@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Etzler, Kirk KEtzler@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Central Office
Evearitt, Seth sevearit@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Whitmer
Evearitt, Theresa taevearitt@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER McGregor
Ewing, Laurie lewing@wls4kids.org secretary/campus Whitmer
Ewing, Stephanie sewing@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Whitmer, Jefferson
Exton, Katie kexton@wls4kids.org Teacher Meadowvale
Fairchild, Chloe CFairchild@WLS4Kids.org Counselor Whitmer
Fall, Nicole nfall@wls4kids.org staff RIF List
Falor-Trost, Michelle MFalorTr@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Monac
Fansler, Erin efansler@wls4kids.org ELA TEACHER Jefferson
Farkas, Thomas TFarkas@WLS4Kids.org Bus Driver Maintenance, Transportation
Farley, Frank ffarley@wls4kids.org IT Manager Warehouse, DIS
Farmer, Kristin kfarmer@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Greenwood
Farthing, Holly hfarthin@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Monac
Fellers, Erin EFellers@WLS4Kids.org Long-Term Certified Sub Certified Subs, Hiawatha, Long Term Cert Subs
Ferguson, Jennifer JFerguso@wls4kids.org HISTORY TEACHER Washington
Figliomeni, Mark mfigliom@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Fillis, Katie kfillis@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Finley, Michelle mfinley@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Fischer, Brenda bfischer@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Fish, Leslie lfish@wls4kids.org COSMETOLOGY TEACHER CTC
Fisher, Lauren LFisher@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Tutor Jackman
Fleischman, Polly pfleisch@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Monac
Flemmings, Sean sflemmin@wls4kids.org Associate Principal Whitmer, Athletics, CTC
Flemmings, Wendy wflemmin@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Greenwood
Fletcher, Jamie JFletcher@WLS4Kids.org Social Studies Teacher Whitmer
Flores, Prince PFlores@WLS4Kids.org Resource Officer Administration
Flowers, Lisa LFlowers@WLS4Kids.org staff Jackman, Shoreland
Flowers, Misty MFlowers@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Floyd, James jfloyd@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Greenwood
Forche, Andrea aforche@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Monac
Forche, Jeremie jforche@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
forum, community CommunityForum@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Foster, Ondriel OFoster@WLS4Kids.org College and Career Program Greenwood
Fouke, Jeff jfouke@wls4kids.org treasurer Administration
Fowler, Jeremy JFowler@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Frank, Marsha MFrank@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs, Jefferson, Washington, Whitmer
Frank, Stephanie SFrank@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs, Whitmer
Franklin, Avion AFranklin@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Frantz, Jacqueline jfrantz@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker RIF List
Frey, Carrie cfrey@wls4kids.org teacher Meadowvale
Frey, Pamela PFrey@WLS4Kids.org Hiawatha
Frindt, Kari kfrindt@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACJER Monac
Frisch, Kaitlin KFrisch@WLS4Kids.org Meadowvale
Frisch, Madison MaFrisch@WLS4Kids.org Meadowvale
Fritch, Katlyn kfritch@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Shoreland
Fritsch, Kelsie kfritsch@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Certified Subs
Frost, Sarah sfrost@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Meadowvale
Fryman-Reed, Jodi jfrymanr@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER: Department Chair Whitmer, CTC
Fugate, Samantha sfugate@wls4kids.org custodian Whitmer
Futey, Sue sfutey@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Transportation
Gage, Kristie kgage@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Washington
Gaiffe, Rosemary RGaiffe@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Gaiffe, Rosemary RoGaiffe@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Gallup, Annie agallup@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Greenwood
Ganchou, Joseph JGanchou@WLS4Kids.org Summer Tech Intern Jefferson
Garcia, Courtney CGarcia@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Greenwood
Garcia, Mary MGarcia@WLS4Kids.org Interpreter Jackman
Garcia, Melanie melaniegarcia@wls4kids.org Board Member Central Office, Board Members
Garn, Diane dgarn@wls4kids.org staff Central Office, Certified Subs
Garn, Kelli kgarn@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Garno, Tammy TGarno@WLS4Kids.org Notre Dame Teacher Admin, Admin
Garrett, Israel igarrett@wls4kids.org TOLEDO POLICE OFFICER SECURITY Whitmer, Classified Sub
Gauthier, Lynn lgauthier@wls4kids.org MAINTENANCE Maintenance
Gauthier, Sherri sgauthier@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Whitmer
Geer, Laura lgeer@wls4kids.org PSYCHOLOGIST McGregor, Hiawatha
Geha, Rachel rgeha@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Shoreland
Gensler, Courtney CGensler@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Specialist Greenwood
Genson, Kelly kgenson@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker RIF List
Gent, Jennifer jgent@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Washington
Georgeson, John JGeorgeson@WLS4Kids.org Band Whitmer, Greenwood, Jefferson, Monac, Washington, Wernert
Geronimo-Riggs, Laura LRiggs@wls4kids.org SPANISH TEACHER Whitmer
Gibson, Tonya tgibson@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker RIF List
Gilbert, Carla cagilbert@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Giles, Sharon ShaGiles@WLS4Kids.org TempAccount Central Office
Gillespie, Michael mgillespie@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Washington
Gilliam, Karen kgilliam@wls4kids.org head custodian McGregor
Giovannucci, Angela AGiovannucci@WLS4Kids.org staff Monac, McGregor
Giovanoli, Paula pgiovano@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER CTC
Givens, Makenzie MGivens@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Gladieux, Susan SuGladieux@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Gladieux, Tracy tgladieu@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Hiawatha
Glass, Wendy wglass@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Monac
Glesser, Carissa cglesser@wls4kids.org teacher Jackman
Goa, Gradon ggoa@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Meadowvale
Goa, Kara kgoa@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Meadowvale
Goeb, Anna AGoeb@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher McGregor
Goldman, Lila LGoldman@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Goldsmith, Christian ChGoldsmith@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Whitmer
Goldsmith, Colette cgoldsmi@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Monac
Good, Linda lgood@wls4kids.org BUSINESS TEACHER CTC, Whitmer
Gordy, Jodi jgordy@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. TEACHER Meadowvale
Graber, Eric EGraber@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Sub Wernert
Graver, Sandra sgraver@wls4kids.org NURSE Greenwood, McGregor, Wernert
Graves, Rashida RGraves@WLS4Kids.org MD Nurse Hiawatha
Gray, Maranda MGray@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Gray, Norman ngray@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Green, Molly MGreen@WLS4Kids.org Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Grieve, Cassandra CGrieve@wls4kids.org Title I Wernert
Grimm, Elizabeth ElGrimm@WLS4Kids.org staff Central Office
Grochowski, Lucinda LGrochow@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker RIF List
Groth, Mollie MGroth@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed McGregor
Grzechowiak, Annette AGrzechowiak@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Grzechowiak, Roy RGrzecho@wls4kids.org electrician Administration
Guercio, Kristen kguercio@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Meadowvale
Guerra, Jessica jguerra@wls4kids.org Cafeteria RIF List
Guilford, Elisa eguilford@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Guinn, Heather hguinn@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office
Gulick, Bob bgulick@wls4kids.org Director of Technlogy Central Office, DIS
Gunther, Lisa lgunther@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Haas, Christine CHaas@WLS4Kids.org Nurse Shoreland, Hiawatha, Monac
Hall, Laura LHall@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teachers Certified Subs
Hall, Melissa mhall@wls4kids.org ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL Washington
Hall, William WHall@WLS4Kids.org staff Wernert
Hamen, David dhamen@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Hamid, Anneliesje ahamid@wls4kids.org Transportation Transportation
Hamway, Sue shamway@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Hanenkrath, Rachel RHanenkrath@wls4kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Washington
Hankins, Laura lhankins@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/SAFTETY AIDE Central Office, Hiawatha
Hanna, Craig channa@wls4kids.org staff Jefferson
Hannan, Amy ahannan@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Greenwood
Hans, Carlee CHans@WLS4Kids.org Nurse Hiawatha
Hansen, Rannae rhansen@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Harder, Victoria VHarder@WLS4Kids.org Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Harpel, Amanda AHarpel@WLS4Kids.org Meadowvale
Harris, Autumn AHarris@WLS4Kids.org Music Specialist Meadowvale
Harris, Lillian LHarris@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Harris, Tamara tharris@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Shoreland
Hartman, Curt chartman@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Hartman, Heidi hhartman@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Hartman, Nickolas nhartman@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Whitmer
Hartnett, Allison AHartnett@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Hartnett, Patricia phartnet@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Wernert
Haskin, Grace GHaskin@WLS4Kids.org Dance Team Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Haubert, Michelle mhaubert@wls4kids.org PRINTER CTC, Whitmer
Hauser, Jamie JHauser@WLS4Kids.org Secretary Whitmer
Hauser, Randy rhauser@wls4kids.org Director of Football Ops Whitmer, Athletics
Hawkins, Anna Belle AHawkins@WLS4Kids.org Wernert
Hawkins-Scott, Heather hhawkins@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Washington
Hazuda, Mindi mhazuda@wls4kids.org Special Education Teacher Whitmer
Heather, Walker WHeather@WLS4Kids.org staff Whitmer
Heban, Debra dheban@wls4kids.org director ctc CTC
Heigel, David dheigel@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Jefferson
Hein, Livia LHein@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher CTC
Heisman, Kara KHeisman@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Classified Wernert
Heminger, Darren dheminger@wls4kids.org SAFETY AIDE Wernert, McGregor
Heminger, Rebecca RHeminger@wls4kids.org Head Custodian Meadowvale, Washington, Whitmer
Henke, Rachel RHenke@WLS4Kids.org Shoreland
Henry, Bethany bhenry@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker RIF List
Hensen, Francine FHensen@WLS4Kids.org ESC - Occupational Therapist McGregor, Jefferson, Lucas County, Shoreland
Henson, Heather HHenson@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Herman, Gail gherman@wls4kids.org nutrition service manager Greenwood
Herman, Kevin kherman@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Jefferson
Herr, Brett bherr@wls4kids.org Health and Physical Education Teacher Jefferson
Herrera, Karen kherrera@wls4kids.org INTERVENTION MATH TEACHER Jefferson
Herrick, William WHerrick@WLS4Kids.org Certified Substitute Certified Subs
Herwat, Marlene mherwat@wls4kids.org Nutrition Service Worker Wernert, Nutrition
Hester, Destiny DHester@WLS4Kids.org Greenwood
Hetherington, Victoria vhetherington@wls4kids.org Library-Media clerk Wernert, Jackman
Hetrick-Goff, Angela ahetrick@wls4kids.org FRENCH TEACHER Whitmer
Hetzel, Michele mhetzel@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Meadowvale
Heyse, Theresa theyse@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Hieronimus, Melissa mhieronimus@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Hinkle, Curtis chinkle@wls4kids.org head custodian CTC
Hinkle, Phyllis phinkle@wls4kids.org Classroom aide Monac
Hinton, Mellissa mehinton@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Hodnicki, Christopher chodnic@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES MASTER TEACHER Whitmer
Hoel, Lucas lhoel@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Hoffman, Sara shoffman@wls4kids.org Technology Integration Specialist Whitmer, Central Office, Curriculum, HR, Jefferson, Student Services, Washington
Hogan, Julie jhogan@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Hogan, Kathleen khogan@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Central Office, Curriculum
Hojnacki, Julie JHojnack@wls4kids.org safety aide McGregor, Meadowvale
Holley, Nicholas NHolley@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Hoover, Chris choover@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Hoskins, Lauren lhoskins@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED IT Shoreland
Hovest, Tracy thovest@wls4kids.org PVA 4-6 Whitmer
Hubans, Karen khubans@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE McGregor, Student Services
Hudson, Lila LHudson@WLS4Kids.org cafeteria worker Jefferson
Huebner, Shanna shuebner@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Huff, Ashley AHuff@WLS4Kids.org n/a McGregor
Hughes, Keeley KHughes@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Hughes, Mark MHughes@WLS4Kids.org Board Member Central Office, Board Members
Huling, Tatum THuling@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Shoreland
Hunt, Courtney CHunt@WLS4Kids.org Greenwood
Hunter, Daniel dhunter@wls4kids.org Language Arts Teacher Jefferson
Hunter, Julie jhunter@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Whitmer
Hunter, Michelle mhunter@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Jefferson
Hunter, Robert rhunter@wls4kids.org Title 1 - Reading Monac
Huntley, Karen khuntley@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY SPEECH TEACHER Central Office, Lucas County
Hymore, Amy ahymore@wls4kids.org Grade 6 Teacher Shoreland
Hyttenhove, Annette AHyttenhove@wls4kids.org staff Washington
Hyttenhove, Katherine khyttenhove@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. INTERVENTION TEACHER Washington
Ilstrup, Kristian kilstrup@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED Jackman
Iott-Cherko, Diana DIottCherko@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Greenwood
Isola, Morgan MIsola@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher - Lourdes University Meadowvale
Jackson, Brooke BJackson@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker Jackman
Jackson, Dalynn DaJackson@wls4kids.org Substitute Washington
Jackson, Erika ejackson@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Jaco, Corinne cjaco@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Washington
Jacob, Brooke BJacob@WLS4Kids.org STEM Teacher Shoreland, Athletics
Jacob, Jolien JJacob@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Monac
Jacobiak, Angela ajacobiak@wls4kids.org Secretary Shoreland
Jacobs, Ahren ajacobs@wls4kids.org teacher Washington
Jacobs, Janet JJacobs@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Whitmer
Jacobs, Karly kjacobs@wls4kids.org Attendance Secretary Whitmer
Jacobson, Lynn ljacobson@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Jager, Lynn ljager@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Shoreland
Jakubowski, Mark mjakubow@wls4kids.org teacher Washington
Jakutowicz, Nicholas njakutow@wls4kids.org Science Teacher Whitmer
Jaquillard, Christopher CJaquillard@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Substitute Certified Subs
Jefferson, Digital Signs DJefferson@WLS4Kids.org Jefferson
Jefferson, PBISStore pbisstorejefferson@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Jennison Justice, Kayla KJennisonJustice@WLS4Kids.org Long-Term Substitute Teacher Meadowvale, Certified Subs, Meadowvale
Jensen, Jen jjensen@wls4kids.org SECRETARY McGregor
Jewett, Benjamin BJewett@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Joba, Joseph JJoba@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
John, Burgan BJohn@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Johns, Jodi JJohns@WLS4Kids.org Washington
Johnson, Lorie ljohnson@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Johnson, Melissa mejohnson@wls4kids.org KDG. TEACHER McGregor
Johnson, Michael MiJohnson@wls4kids.org Bus Driver Maintenance, Transportation
Johnston, Alexa ALJohnston@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Jones, Joseph jojones@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER Transportation
Jordan, Gabby GJordan@WLS4Kids.org Nurse - Promedica Contracted Monac
Jordan, James jjordan@wls4kids.org STEM Hiawatha, Wernert
Jordan, Jini jijordan@wls4kids.org teacher Hiawatha
Joseph, Kristy KJoseph@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Judge, Julianne JJudge@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Just, Adam AJust@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Kahl, Brian bkahl@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Kala, Bartic BKala@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Kania, Kenneth kkania@wls4kids.org Maintenance Whitmer
Kanthak, Jason JKanthak@WLS4Kids.org Head JV Football Coach Jefferson, Athletics
Karcsak, Melanie mkarcsak@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist CTC, Whitmer
Kasch, Kristy kkasch@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Transportation, Monac, Whitmer
Kaser, Brian bkaser@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Whitmer
Kasper, Gina gkasper@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist McGregor
Kazmaier, Kimberly KKazmaier@WLS4Kids.org SUB TEACHER/CERTIFIED Shoreland
Keene, Patricia PKeene@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Keener, Monica mkeener@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker Whitmer
Kehres, Alexa akehres@wls4kids.org Principal Jefferson
Keller, Justin jkeller@wls4kids.org teacher/dean Whitmer
Keller, Levi LeKeller@WLS4Kids.org Temp Staff Thru partnerstoledo.org Shoreland
Keller, Lisa lkeller@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Whitmer
Kennedy, Casuelo ckennedy@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Central Office, Nutrition, Whitmer
Kent, Maki MKent@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher - BGSU Washington
Kenyon, Steven SKenyon@WLS4Kids.org Auto Technology CTC
Kerr, Donald DKerr@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Kershner, Susan skershne@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Wernert
Kesler, Jessina JKesler@WLS4Kids.org ESC - CODA Meadowvale, Hiawatha
Kessler, Danielle dkessler@wls4kids.org Title I Reading Meadowvale
Kessler, Stacey skessler@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER McGregor
Ketcham, Debbie dketcham@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Administration
Keyser, Kelsey KKeyser@WLS4Kids.org Title 1 Greenwood
Kilpatrick, Lily LKilpatrick@WLS4Kids.org ESC - Gifted Teacher Meadowvale, Lucas County, McGregor
Kimmey, Christine ckimmey@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Jackman
King, Erin EriKing@WLS4Kids.org Substitute/Classified McGregor
King, Kimberley kking@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Monac
King, Tonya TMKing@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Whitmer
Kingsley, Trevor TKingsley@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Jefferson
Kinner, Caitlin CKinner@WLS4Kids.org Wernert
Kintner, Angela akintner@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Meadowvale
Kiser, Eric ErKiser@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Kiser, Wendy wkiser@wls4kids.org REGISTRATION SECRETARY Central Office
Kizaur, Matt mkizaur@wls4kids.org English/Drama Teacher Whitmer
Kleinfelter, Amy akleinfelter@wls4kids.org SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST Jackman, Wernert
Klem, Pamela pklem@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Klosowski, Ryan rklosowski@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Knaggs, Amber aknaggs@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Knaggs, Andrea anknaggs@wls4kids.org CLASSIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Classified Sub
Knakiewicz, Kim KKnakiew@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Jackman
Knapp, Sara SaKnapp@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Jackman
Knepper, Diane dknepper@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Certified Subs
Knight, Deborah dknight@wls4kids.org nutrition service manager Shoreland
Knuth, Marya mknuth@wls4kids.org teacher Washington
Kocar, Karleigh kkocar@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Jefferson
Koder, Toni tkoder@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Jefferson
Koepplinger, Lillian LKoepplinger@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Koester-Kennedy, Kristen KKoesterKennedy@WLS4Kids.org Bus Driver Maintenance, Transportation
Kolodziejczyk, Donna dkolodziejczyk@wls4kids.org staff Wernert
Komorowski, Eric EKomorowski@WLS4Kids.org Athletics Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Konz, Jane jkonz@wls4kids.org LONG TERM SUB TEACHER Washington, Long Term Cert Subs
Kopena, Jolene JKopena@WLS4Kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Koprowski, Tiffany tkoprowski@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER CTC
Korecki, Susan skorecki@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Greenwood
Kosakowski, Amanda akosakow@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Kosakowski, Megan mkosakowski@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Kosakowski, Stephanie skosakow@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Jackman
Kotlarczyk, Bradford bkotlarczyk@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN/NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Whitmer
Koval, Jennifer jekoval@wls4kids.org OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST Meadowvale, Hiawatha, Student Services
Kovin, Kim kkovin@wls4kids.org Elementary Teacher Meadowvale
Kowalski, Kayla KKowalski@WLS4Kids.org CTC, Monac
Kraftchick, Kerrie KKraftchick@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Meadowvale
Kramer, Samantha SKramer@WLS4Kids.org Substitute/Classified Central Office
Kraus, Marie mkraus@wls4kids.org SCHOOL NURSE Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Krecioch, Sue skrecioc@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Shoreland
Krieger, Kimberly kikrieger@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Certified Subs
Kruthaup, Carol ckruthaup@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Kruthaup, Paul PKruthau@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Krzeminski, Jay JKrzeminski@WLS4Kids.org Psychologist Monac, Greenwood
Kubicki, Gregory gkubicki@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Kuch, Sarah SKuch@WLS4Kids.org ESC - Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Meadowvale, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Monac, Shoreland, Student Services
Kutz, Susan skutz@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Meadowvale
Kwiatkowski, Tamara tkwiatkowski@wls4kids.org SUBSTITUTE/CERTIFIED Administration
Ladd, Mallory MLadd@WLS4Kids.org Jackman
Laking, Allison alaking@wls4kids.org Second Grade Teacher Meadowvale
Lambrecht, Cindy clambrec@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer
Laney, Alicia ALaney@WLS4Kids.org Safety Aide Wernert
Laney, Catherine claney@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN McGregor, Maintenance
Langton, Mary MLangton@WLS4Kids.org Shoreland
Lanham, Duane DLanham@wls4kids.org staff Administration
LaPlante, Sean SLaPlante@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
LaPoint, Jaime jlapoint@wls4kids.org Title One Teacher Shoreland
LaPoint, Matt mlapoint@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
LaPoint, Thomas thlapoint@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
Larrick, Melissa mlarrick@wls4kids.org Classroom Aide Wernert
Larsen, Kelly klarsen@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Shoreland
Laser, Theresa tlaser@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Washington
Lauber, Patrick plauber@wls4kids.org Stem TEACHER Washington
Lawecki, Cari clawecki@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Laws, Jhenna JLaws@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Laytart, Jill jlaytart@wls4kids.org secretary/assistant treasurer Administration
Ledzianowski, Sara sledzian@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Jefferson
Lee, Patryk PLee@WLS4Kids.org Head Coach Girls Varsity Socce Whitmer, Athletics
Leestma, Autum aleestma@wls4kids.org CLASSIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
LeFevers, Doug dlefever@wls4kids.org 5th Grade Wernert
Lehmann, Dale dlehmann@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER McGregor, Jackman
Leis, Jeni jleis@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY ADAPTED PE Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Wernert, Whitmer
Leiter, Jeffery JLeiter@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Lemon, Michelle milemon@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY PHYSICAL THERAPIST Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Wernert, Westwood, Whitmer
Lenhart, Kelsey klenhart@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Shoreland
Lenz, David dalenz@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
Lenz, Laura llenz@wls4kids.org GRADE Three Jackman
Lenz, Steve slenz@wls4kids.org HEAD CUSTODIAN Jackman
Leone, Suzanna sleone@wls4kids.org Special Ed Supervisor Central Office, Hiawatha, Jackman, Jefferson, McGregor, Washington, Wernert, Whitmer
Lesick, Amy alesick@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer
Lettman, Brenda blettman@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Administration
Levesque, Jessica JLevesque@WLS4Kids.org Whitmer, CTC
Lewallen, Tonya tlewallen@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Central Office, Nutrition
Lewandowski, Mary MLewando@wls4kids.org safety aide Meadowvale
Liacopoulos, Debra DLiacopo@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Wernert, Athletics, Board Members, Business, Central Office, District Police, Treasurer
Liber, Nevin nliber@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Liebat, Brenda bliebat@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Wernert
Lieberman, Brian BLieberman@WLS4Kids.org Sub/Teacher Certified Subs, Washington
Lindsey, Sheri slindsey@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Linkes, Magan MLinkes@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub, Wernert
Linzie, Kelley KLinzie@WLS4Kids.org Dispatcher Administration
Lipscomb, Ashley alipscomb@wls4kids.org Monac
Lipscomb, Jessica JLipscomb@wls4kids.org SAFETY AIDE Jefferson, Maintenance, Whitmer
Liska, Crystal cliska@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER Transportation
Lockard, Andrew alockard@wls4kids.org Teacher- Social Studies Whitmer
Loesel, Jill jloesel@wls4kids.org SPANISH TEACHER Whitmer
Long, Anna ALong@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Loomis, Jennifer jloomis@wls4kids.org Help Desk / Inventory Secretary Central Office, DIS
Lopez, Kelly klopez@wls4kids.org teacher Hiawatha
Lopez, Kim kimlopez@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer, Transportation
Lopez, Mackenzie MLopez@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher from BGSU McGregor
Lopez, Sofia solopez@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Wernert
Loughman, Amy aloughman@wls4kids.org counselor Jackman
Louks, Nicole nlouks@wls4kids.org 3rd Grade Teacher Monac
Lovette, Korrin KLovette@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Loy, Mary mloy@wls4kids.org SUBSTITUTE CERTIFIED Central Office, Certified Subs
Lydy, Bartley blydy@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Mack, Denise dmack@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Hiawatha
Mack, Jeffery jmack@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Jackman
Mackenzie, Jeff JMackenzie@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Madigan, Thomas TMadigan@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Madlinski, Tammy tmadlinski@wls4kids.org bus driver Meadowvale, Building Services
Magginis, William wmaggini@wls4kids.org Associate Principal Meadowvale
Malecki, Dustin DMalecki@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Malley, Marc MMalley@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Maly, Amanda amaly@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Maly, Erik emaly@wls4kids.org carpenter Administration
Maly, Katie kamaly@wls4kids.org teacher Hiawatha
Managhan, Amy AManaghan@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker Jefferson
Manders, Sue smanders@wls4kids.org safety aide Shoreland
Manley, Ann amanley@wls4kids.org teacher Meadowvale
Manner, Tricia TManner@WLS4Kids.org staff McGregor
Mansfield, Taylor TaMansfield@WLS4Kids.org Special Education Instructor/Tutor McGregor
Maran-Ickes, Victoria vmaranic@wls4kids.org Classroom Aide Washington
Marciniak, Rodger rmarcini@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Maroon, Kylene kmaroon@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Marquis, Melanie mmarquis@wls4kids.org Transportation / SAFETY AIDE Transportation
Marti, Janice jmarti@wls4kids.org teacher Monac
Martin, Holly HoMartin@WLS4Kids.org Bus Driver Maintenance, Jefferson, Transportation
Martin, John johmartin@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Martin, Kristine kmartin@wls4kids.org Assistant Superintendent Central Office, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Jackman, Jefferson, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Washington, Wernert, Whitmer
Martinez, Kirsten KMartinez@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Marvin, Lauren lmarvin@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Central Office
Marx, Brittney bmarx@wls4kids.org Teacher McGregor
Masters, Barbara bmasters@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Materne, Graeme GMaterne@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Mauder, Michelle MMauder@WLS4Kids.org Wernert
Mayfield, Karen KMayfield@WLS4Kids.org Board Member Central Office, Board Members
Mayo, Jennifer jmayo@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Mazzurco, Lynda lmazzurco@wls4kids.org Bookkeeper Whitmer, Athletics
McBee, Barbara BMcBee@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
McCall, Jolaine jomccall@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Wernert
McCall, Wendy wmccall@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
McCarthy, Edward emccarthy@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER CTC
McClain, Jennifer JMcClain@WLS4Kids.org Occupational Therapist - Contract Monac, Greenwood, Student Services
McClellan, Amanda amcclellan@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
McClung, Nanette nmcclung@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Shoreland
McClung, Rebecca rmcclung@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Certified Subs
McCorkle, Kristin kmccorkl@wls4kids.org teacher Meadowvale
McCoy, Chloe CMcCoy@WLS4Kids.org Floating Bus Monitor Administration
McCoy, Niki NMcCoy@WLS4Kids.org Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Whitmer, Athletics
McCree, Diane DMcCree@WLS4Kids.org Substitute/Classified Jefferson
McCue, Brian bmccue@wls4kids.org maintenance/bus mec/elec Administration
McCullough, Kelly kmccullo@wls4kids.org teacher Jackman
McDaniel, Hannah HMcDaniel@wls4kids.org Special Education Monac
McDaniel, Staci SMcDaniel@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
McEntire, Briana bmcentire@wls4kids.org Aide / SPED Shoreland
McFadden, Margaret MMcFadden@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
McGowan, Shelia SMcGowan@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Greenwood
McGrath, Gaylene gmcgrath@wls4kids.org nutrition service manager Hiawatha
McGrew, Michelle MMcGrew@WLS4Kids.org Meadowvale
McGurk, Mary MMcGurk@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Jefferson
McHugh, Alexis AMcHugh@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Sub Certified Subs, Long Term Cert Subs
Mclure, Kyle KyMcClure@wls4kids.org Custodian Shoreland
McNamara, April amcnamara@wls4kids.org teacher/guidance Whitmer
McQueary, Curtis CMcQueary@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
McVicker, Larissa LMcVicker@WLS4Kids.org Counselor Hiawatha
Mee, Susan smee@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Meadowvale, Athletics, Whitmer
Meek, Haley HMeek@WLS4Kids.org Life Science Teacher Whitmer
Meinen, Deanne dmeinen@wls4kids.org teacher Washington
Meinert, Lisa lmeinert@wls4kids.org custodian Whitmer
Meinka, Christine CMeinka@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker Wernert, Nutrition, Transportation
Meiring, Leanne LMeiring@WLS4Kids.org Home Instruction Tutor Central Office, Student Services
Meiring, Leanne LeMeiring@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Melchert, Jaime JMelchert@wls4kids.org staff Jackman
Melms, Ashley amelms@wls4kids.org Title One Reading Teacher McGregor
Merhi, Samantha SMerhi@WLS4Kids.org Title I Shoreland
Meridieth, Tabitha tmeridieth@wls4kids.org staff Jackman
Merritt, Kelley kmerritt@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Maintenance
Merritt, Richard rmerritt@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Messick, Chelsea CMessick@WLS4Kids.org Secretary McGregor
Metzinger, Dawn DMetzinger@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Meyer, Brian bmeyer@wls4kids.org SECURITY Whitmer
Michaelis, Julie jmichael@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Monac
Michaelis, Sara samichaelis@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Wernert
Michaelis, Tracy tmichael@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Shoreland
Mikolajczyk, Christina CMikolajczyk@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Mikolajczyk, Kathryn kmikolajczyk@wls4kids.org Secretary Hiawatha
Mikolajczyk, Virginia vmikolaj@wls4kids.org secretary/treasurers office Administration
Miller, Jeffrey jmiller@wls4kids.org custodian Washington
Miller, Lena LMiller@WLS4Kids.org Music Wernert, Hiawatha
Miller, Mary mmiller@wls4kids.org FIREMAN/HEAD CUSTODIAN Whitmer, Stadium
Miller, Rachel rmiller@wls4kids.org title 1 teacher Shoreland
Miller, Robin romiller@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER Transportation
Miller, Tammy TMiller@WLS4Kids.org Bus Driver Administration
Mills, Jon JMills@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Millward, Cynthia cmillward@wls4kids.org bus driver Hiawatha, Building Services
Mims, Jason JMims@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Mingione, Angela amingione@wls4kids.org classroom aide 4 Greenwood
Minor, Yvonne YvMinor@WLS4Kids.org staff Meadowvale
Missler, Laura lmissler@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Greenwood
Missler, Rodney rmissler@wls4kids.org ROBOTICS TEACHER Jefferson
Mitcham, Dajuan DMitcham@WLS4Kids.org Long-Term Classified Sub Washington
Mitchell, Madison MMitchell@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Mocniak, Beverly bmocniak@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker Shoreland
Mohn, John jmohn@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer
Moldenke, Brandon BMoldenke@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Meadowvale
Molloy, Donald dmolloy@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. TEACHER Whitmer
Moore, Andrew AMoore@WLS4Kids.org Teacher Whitmer
Moore, Stacey StMoore@WLS4Kids.org Shoreland
Moore, Stephanie smoore@wls4kids.org teacher/guidance Greenwood
Morelli, Kaitlyn KMorelli@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Morelli, Mary Anne mmorelli@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Hiawatha
Morrin, Sarah smorrin@wls4kids.org INCLUSION SPECIALIST Monac
Morris, Adam AMorris@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Specialist Washington
Morris, Jeren JMorris@WLS4Kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE - 7 HR. Hiawatha
Morse, Courtney cmorse@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Washington
Morse, Judy jmorse@wls4kids.org PSYCHOLOGIST Shoreland, Whitmer
Mossing, Lindsay LMossing@WLS4Kids.org Business Teacher CTC, Washington
Moya, Jessica JMoya@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Monac
MTBT, Account webmaster@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Muir, Justin jmuir@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Mullan, Matthew mmullan@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Murawski, Susan SMurawski@WLS4Kids.org Substitute/Certified Meadowvale
Murnen, Carrie cmurnen@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Murphy, Michael MMurphy@WLS4Kids.org School Board Member Central Office, Board Members
Murray, Jennifer jmurray@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Jefferson, Nutrition
Murray, Rebecca rmurray@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED IT TEACHER Shoreland
Myers, Dianna DMyers@WLS4Kids.org Payroll Secretary Central Office
Naveken, Courtney cnaveken@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Neill, Rachel RNeill@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub, Transportation
Nelms, Patricia PNelms@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Nelson, Amanda amnelson@wls4kids.org Speech-language pathologist CTC, Whitmer
Nelson, Ronnie rnelson@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Nester, Meg mnester@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Jackman
Newson, Halle HNewson@WLS4Kids.org Certified Substitute Certified Subs
Nicholas, Alyson ANicholas@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Nicole, Coulter CNicole@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Nino, James jnino@wls4kids.org teacher CTC, Whitmer
Nino, Jennifer jenino@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Noland, Heather hnoland@wls4kids.org HEALTH TEACHER Whitmer
Novak, Rachael ranovak@wls4kids.org Principal McGregor
Nutter, Cynthia CNutter@WLS4Kids.org Meadowvale
OBrien, Sarah SOBrien@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Sub Meadowvale
Ochmanek, Ryan ROchmanek@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Odeneal, Jayne jodeneal@wls4kids.org ESL TEACHER Whitmer
Odneal, Amy aodneal@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. TEACHER Wernert
Oehlers, Vicki voehlers@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE MANAGER Washington
Office, Registration RegistrationOffice@wls4kids.org staff Administration
OHenry, Brooke BOHenry@WLS4Kids.org School Psychologist Whitmer, CTC
Ohms, Linda lohms@wls4kids.org Nutrition Service Worker Shoreland
Oikle, Michael MOikle@WLS4Kids.org Administration
Oliver, Ashley AOliver@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Washington
Olivia, Seymour SOlivia@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
ONeal, Sylvia SONeal@WLS4Kids.org Administration
Onweller, Matt MOnweller@wls4kids.org Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Orcutt, Angel AOrcutt@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub, McGregor
Orzechowski, Megan MOrzechowski@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Wernert
Orzehowski, Alice AOrzehowski@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Osborn, Sarah sosborn@wls4kids.org teacher Hiawatha
Oshea, Judy joshea@wls4kids.org Bus Driver Central Office, Transportation
Ostrosky, Sophia SOstrosky@WLS4Kids.org UT Student Teacher Meadowvale
Oswald, Zoe ZOswald@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Owens, Melissa meowens@wls4kids.org 6th grade Teacher Wernert
Owens, Michael mowens@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Wernert
Oyler, Beth boyler@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Pakulski, Tricia tpakulski@wls4kids.org SECRETARY CTC, District Police, Whitmer
Palicki, Ben bpalicki@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Palka, Kaleen kpalka@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Wernert
Palm, Randi RPalm@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Palmer, Donald dpalmer@wls4kids.org CRIMINAL JUSTICE TEACHER CTC
Parker, Mike mjparker@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Parker, Pamela pparker@wls4kids.org Secretary Warehouse
Parks, Deana dparks@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker RIF List
Parquette, Heather hparquet@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Hiawatha
Paszko, Brittani bpaszko@wls4kids.org Special Education Supervisor Central Office, Jefferson, Washington, Whitmer
Paul, Grace GPaul@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Pawlaczyk, Hope hpawlacz@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Shoreland
Peart, Carrie cpeart@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Peart, Kimberlee kpeart@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/SFETY AIDE Greenwood, Hiawatha
Pedelose, Angela apedelose@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/SAFETY AIDE Transportation, McGregor
Peer, Nicole npeer@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Jefferson
Pendleton, George GPendleton@WLS4Kids.org Intern Psychologist Meadowvale, Hiawatha, Monac
Pennywitt, Chad cpennywi@wls4kids.org teacher Jackman, McGregor
Perkins, Pamela PaPerkins@WLS4Kids.org LONG TERM SUB CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer
Perlowitz, Lucinda LPerlowitz@wls4kids.org Classroom Aide Shoreland
Perron, Daniel DPerron@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Perry, Elena EPerry@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Perry, Tammy taperry@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Hiawatha
Perry, Timothy tperry@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER CTC
Peters, Amber APeters@WLS4Kids.org UT Student Jackman
Peters, Kate kpeters@wls4kids.org ENGLISH TEACHER Whitmer
Peters, Lisa lpeters@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Peters, Sean SPeters@WLS4Kids.org JV Basketball Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Petras, Bethany bpetras@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER McGregor, Shoreland
Petras, Gregory gpetras@wls4kids.org information technology technician Central Office, DIS, Jefferson, Maintenance, Transportation, Warehouse, Washington
Pfeifer, Charles CPfeifer@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Pfeifer, Scott SPfeifer@WLS4Kids.org Athletics Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Pharis, Erica EPharis@WLS4Kids.org Jefferson
Phillips, Caroline cphillips@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Jefferson
Piasecki, Erin epiaseck@wls4kids.org teacher Washington
Pickard, Adam apickard@wls4kids.org COMPUTER NETWORKING II TEACHER CTC
Pickard, Lisa LPickard@WLS4Kids.org Secretary/Bookkeeper Central Office
Piekarzewski, Caitlin CPiekarzewski@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Shoreland
Pierce, James JPierce@WLS4Kids.org Freshman Football Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Pierce, Michelle MPierce@WLS4Kids.org Culinary Arts CTC, Whitmer
Pierce, Teresa tepierce@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Jackman
Pinski, Hannah HPinski@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition ServiceWorker RIF List
Pohl, Elizabeth epohl@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Central Office
Pollauf, Tony tpollauf@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Ponke, Beatrice BPonke@WLS4Kids.org Meadowvale
Pool, Wendy WPool@wls4kids.org Custodian Wernert, Washington
Poore, Lindsey LPoore@WLS4Kids.org Special Education Teacher Hiawatha
Popovich, Erin epopovic@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Jefferson
Prater, Bill bprater@wls4kids.org SPEECH COACH Whitmer, Jefferson
Premo, Heather HPremo@WLS4Kids.org Business Teacher Whitmer, CTC, Jefferson
Preston, Courtney CPreston@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher McGregor
Preston, Jerold JPreston@wls4kids.org Security Whitmer
Price, Alison APrice@WLS4Kids.org ESC Gifted Teacher Jefferson
Pruitt, Stacy spruitt@wls4kids.org SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST Washington, Jackman, Jefferson, Wernert
Przymierski, Steve SPrzymierski@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Puffenberger, Eric epuffenb@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Whitmer
Puffenberger, Martha mpuffenberger@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Pullano, Sydney SPullano@WLS4Kids.org Teacher McGregor
Purvis, Jamie jpurvis@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER Transportation, Hiawatha
Qurban-Ali, Carrie CQurbanAli@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Shoreland
Rabbitt, Mark mrabbitt@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Raczkowski, Lisa lraczkow@wls4kids.org teacher Monac
Radtke, Amy amradtke@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Wernert
Ramm, Cheryl cramm@wls4kids.org BUS MONITOR/SAFETY AIDE Transportation, McGregor
Randazzo, Yvette YRandazzo@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Meadowvale
Rao, Heidi hrao@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Rawshdeh, Nour NRawshdeh@WLS4Kids.org Whitmer
Rayburn, Annamarie arayburn@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Shoreland
Razook, Debra drazook@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker McGregor
Re, Amy ARe@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER McGregor
Reamer, Hayden hreamer@wls4kids.org n/a Whitmer, Washington
Reardon, Carrie CReardon@WLS4Kids.org Meadowvale
Recknagel, Julie jrecknag@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Jackman
Reda, Rouaa RReda@WLS4Kids.org Whitmer, CTC
Redd, Jamie jredd@wls4kids.org Custodian Whitmer
Reed, Shirley sreed@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Jackman
Reid, Chelsea chreid@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Reidy, Frank FReidy@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Reinbolt, Bradley BReinbolt@WLS4Kids.org Reading Jefferson
Reinbrecht, Beverly BReinbrecht@WLS4Kids.org Educational Interpreter Jackman
Renollet, Michelle MRenollet@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Jefferson
Resources, Human hr@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Revels, Heidi hrevels@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Hiawatha
Rex, Denise drex@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Jefferson
Rex, Marissa mrex@wls4kids.org First Grade Teacher Meadowvale
Reynolds, Pamela preynolds@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer
Rhoades, Justin jrhoades@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER-Band Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Rhymer, Gale grhymer@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Hiawatha
Richards, Beckie brichards@wls4kids.org PAYROLL Central Office
Richards, Gina grichards@wls4kids.org Fifth Grade Wernert
Richards, Ken krichards@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer
Richardson , Benita BRichardson@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Ridener, Megan MRidener@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Meadowvale
Riebe, Rhonda rriebe@wls4kids.org nutrition service manager McGregor
Righi, Erin erighi@wls4kids.org SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST Shoreland
Riker, Catie criker@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer, CTC
Rios, Hope HRios@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Monac, Nutrition
Ritson, Austin ARitson@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Roberts, Joy jroberts@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Jefferson
Robertson, Allison aroberts@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Shoreland
Robertson, Shelby SRobertson@WLS4Kids.org Wernert
Robinson, Candace CRobinson@WLS4Kids.org Wernert
Robinson, Melanie mrobinson@wls4kids.org SCHOOL COUNSELOR Monac
Rocha, Nautica NRocha@WLS4Kids.org Jackman
Rochotte, Neil nrochotte@wls4kids.org Director of Student Services Admin, Student Services
Rodriguez, Andrea ARodriguez@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Meadowvale
Rodriguez, Kelsey KRodriguez@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Roe, Lisa LRoe@WLS4Kids.org SUB TEACHER/CERTIFIED Certified Subs
Rogers, Angela ARogers@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Jefferson
Romero, Blanca BRomero@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Roose, McKenna MRoose@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Hiawatha
Rose, Christian CRose@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer, Student Teacher
Rospert, Veronica VRospert@WLS4Kids.org McGregor
Ross, Amy aross@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Roth, Randolph rroth@wls4kids.org safety aide Jackman
Rotunno, Heather HRotunno@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Shoreland
Rowland, Alisa alrowland@wls4kids.org DIS Technician Central Office, CTC, DIS, Hiawatha, Wernert, Whitmer
Rowland, Amy arowland@wls4kids.org teacher Meadowvale
Rowland, Sarah srowland@wls4kids.org SAFETY AIDE McGregor
Rubley, Jason jarubley@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Rude, Sally SRude@WLS4Kids.org Safety Aide RIF List
Rude, Sally SaRude@WLS4Kids.org staff McGregor
Ruiz, Brooke BRuiz@WLS4Kids.org Wernert
Ruiz, Dustin DRuiz@WLS4Kids.org Washington
Ruiz, Shelly sruiz@wls4kids.org SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST Meadowvale, Whitmer
Runckel, Becky brunckel@wls4kids.org bus monitor Administration
Rupley, Kim krupley@wls4kids.org GRADE 7 Math Teacher Jefferson
Rupp, Christine crupp@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Greenwood, Shoreland
Rutkowski, Amy ARutkowski@WLS4Kids.org Jackman
Rutkowski, Christina CRutkow@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Hiawatha
Rutkowski, Debra drutkowski@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Monac
Rutkowski, Miranda MRutkowski@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Ryan, Nicole nryan@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR McGregor
Rybarczyk, John jrybarczyk@wls4kids.org Classroom Aide Shoreland
Saar, Hannah hsaar@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Saba, Monica msaba@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Jackman
Sabecki, Sandra ssabecki@wls4kids.org Substitute/Classified Administration
Sage, Aaron asage@wls4kids.org ATHLETIC TRAINER Whitmer
Sager, Amy asager@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Washington
Sakowski, Tera tsakowsk@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Jefferson
Saleh, Eidi ESaleh@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Samples, Robin rsamples@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Sams, Kathy ksams@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Samson, Sherry ShSamson@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Samson, Steven ssamson@wls4kids.org custodian w/license Administration
Sanders, Robyne RSanders@WLS4Kids.org Bus Driver Administration
Sandy, Katelyn KSandy@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Meadowvale
Sattler, Sharon sesattle@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Jackman
Sattler, Stacey slsattle@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Meadowvale
Saxton, Elizabeth ESaxton@WLS4Kids.org Student teacher from UT Meadowvale
Sayyar, Mehrad MSayyar@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Scarlato, Stephanie SScarlato@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Schaffner, Felicity FSchaffner@WLS4Kids.org Certified Occupational Therapy Assistance - ESC Greenwood, Central Office, Lucas County, Meadowvale, Monac, Student Services
Scharf, Bethany BScharf@WLS4Kids.org Title I Greenwood
Scharf, Scott sscharf@wls4kids.org PRINCIPAL Monac
Scheiber, Matthew mscheibe@wls4kids.org GERMAN TEACHER Whitmer
Schermbeck, Fritz fschermbeck@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Schick-Cowell, Beverly bschick@wls4kids.org SECRETARY BUSINESS SERVICES Central Office
Schiffler, Phillip pschiffl@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Jefferson
Schiffler, Stefani SSchiffler@WLS4Kids.org Shoreland
Schifko, Emily eschifko@wls4kids.org McGregor 6th Grade- ELA McGregor
Schindel, Krista kschindel@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Schloz, Timothy tschloz@wls4kids.org warehouse Warehouse
Schmidt, Rachael RSchmidt@wls4kids.org teacher Administration
Schmitt, Kim kschmitt@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Washington
Schnapp, Marilyn MSchnapp@WLS4Kids.org Sub Secretary Maintenance, Transportation
Schneider, Michelle MSchneid@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker Whitmer
Schober, Andrew aschober@wls4kids.org teacher/construction technology CTC
Schober, Cherilyn cschober@wls4kids.org teacher Washington
Schoen, Shannon sschoen@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Meadowvale
Scholl, Jacquelyn jscholl@wls4kids.org SECRETARY CTC, Whitmer
Scholl, Joshua joscholl@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Jackman, Whitmer
Schreiner, Andrea aschreiner@wls4kids.org Director of Theatre/Performing Arts Advisor Whitmer, Athletics
Schreiner, Jason jschrein@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Schrock, Mark MSchrock@WLS4Kids.org Partners in Education McGregor
Schroeder, Ronald RSchroeder@wls4kids.org HEAD CUSTODIAN Maintenance
Schroyer, Leighann LSchroyer@WLS4Kids.org Meadowvale
Schultz, Constance CoSchultz@WLS4Kids.org Certified Substitute Hiawatha, Jackman
Schulz, McKade MSchulz@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Schulz, Robert RSchulz@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Schwab, Jill jschwab@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE McGregor
Schwartz, Holly HSchwartz@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Scoble, Kristy kscoble@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Monac
Scott, Paige pscott@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Shoreland
Scott, Tony tscott@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Meadowvale
Selley, Allison ASelley@WLS4Kids.org Orchestra Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Sergent, Colleen csergent@wls4kids.org TEACHER - ENGLISH Jefferson
Seymour, Olivia OSeymour@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Shackelford, Carolyn cshackelford@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Shadle, Nicole nshadle@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Greenwood
Shaffer, Eliana EShaffer@WLS4Kids.org Student Psychologist Jackman, McGregor
Shamy, Jennifer jshamy@wls4kids.org OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST Jackman, Washington, Wernert, Whitmer
Sharp, Gayle gsharp@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Sharp, Kristen KrSharp@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer, Student Teacher
Sharp, Michelle msharp@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Warehouse, Stadium
Shea, Michael mishea@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Sheehan, Aida asheehan@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Sheets, Amanda asheets@wls4kids.org GRADE 7/8 TEACHER Washington
Sheppard, Kathleen KSheppard@WLS4Kids.org Medical Technology CTC
Sherman, Lorie LSherman@wls4kids.org Contracted Nurse Hiawatha
Shible, Louis LShible@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Shine, Elisa eshine@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Whitmer
Shippy, Jessica JShippy@WLS4Kids.org Whitmer
Shively, Ryan RShively@WLS4Kids.org EMIS Coordinator Central Office
Shively, Stacie sshively@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Wernert
Sholl, Mark msholl@wls4kids.org FEDERAL PROGRAM ANALYST Central Office, Curriculum
Short, Suzy SShort@WLS4Kids.org CTC-Consultant CTC
Shoup, Laura LShoup@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Shuey, Erin EShuey@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Meadowvale
Siedlecki, Phyllis PSiedle@wls4kids.org Central Office
Sifuentes, Courtney CSifuentes@WLS4Kids.org Technology and Testing Monitor Washington, District Police
Simmons, Elizabeth ESimmons@WLS4Kids.org ESCLEW contracted Intervention Specialist Whitmer, Lucas County
Simmons, Jordan jsimmons@wls4kids.org Associate Principal Jefferson
Simmons-Colvin, Tracey TSimmonsColvin@WLS4Kids.org Administration
Singer, Brittany BSinger@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Classified Sub, Treasurer
Singleton, Felicia fsinglet@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer, Athletics
Sitter, Allison asitter@wls4kids.org JH teacher Jefferson
Skiba, Christin CSkiba@WLS4Kids.org Administration
Skills, Job JobSkills@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Skiver, Betsy BSkiver@WLS4Kids.org n/a Monac
Skorich, Barbara bskorich@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Monac
Skrzyniecki, Lindsay LSkrzyniecki@WLS4Kids.org Title I Tutor Certified Subs, McGregor
Smallman, Ann asmallma@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Jackman
Smedlund, Chrysa CSmedlund@WLS4Kids.org staff Maintenance
Smith, Ashley ASmith@WLS4Kids.org ESC - Gifted Intervention Specialist Wernert, Jackman, Lucas County
Smith, Brett brsmith@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Washington
Smith, Janet JaSmith@WLS4Kids.org Safety Aide Jackman
Smith, Kristin krsmith@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Jefferson
Smith, Pamela PaSmith@WLS4Kids.org Bus Driver Maintenance, Transportation
Smith, Samantha SSmith@WLS4Kids.org Athletic Trainer Whitmer, Athletics
Smith, Samantha SamSmith@WLS4Kids.org Wernert
Smith, Teri TeSmith@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Sniadecki, Ashley ASniadecki@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Greenwood
Snodgrass, Maria msnodgrass@wls4kids.org teacher Meadowvale
Snodgrass, Ryan rsnodgrass@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Snook, Thomas tsnook@wls4kids.org ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL Whitmer, Athletics, CTC
Snyder, Leland lsnyder1@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
Sommers, Carol csommers@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN/SPLIT CTC
Sommers, Sarah ssommers@WLS4Kids.org Greenwood
Sours, Hannah HSours@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Spain, KaSandra kasmith@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Sparks, Christopher CSparks@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Sparks, Jordan jsparks@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Speegle, Lorraine LSpeegle@WLS4Kids.org Secretary Whitmer
Spencer, Susanne sspencer@wls4kids.org secretary/campus Whitmer
Spenthoff, Katherine kspenthoff@wls4kids.org Director of Curriculum Admin, Curriculum
Spidel, Jordan JSpidel@WLS4Kids.org 4th Grade Teacher Greenwood
Spirit, Secret SECRETSPIRIT@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Spitler, Tracey TSpitler@WLS4Kids.org Safety Aide Shoreland
Spurgeon, Jane JSpurgeon@WLS4Kids.org Interim Dir Human Resources Admin, HR
Squibb, Jamie jsquibb@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
Squibb, Matt msquibb@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Stacey, Anthony AStacey@WLS4Kids.org Communications Coordinator Central Office, Athletics
Stacy, Donna dstacy@wls4kids.org First Grade Teacher Wernert
Stadniczuk, Tadek tstadnic@wls4kids.org COMPUTER NETWORKING Instructor CTC
Stagner, Julie jstagner@wls4kids.org Secretary Greenwood
Stalker, Cosette cstalker@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker RIF List
Stanton, Lori lstanton@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Shoreland
Stark, Darlene dstark@wls4kids.org SAFETY AIDE Greenwood
Stark, William wstark@wls4kids.org custodian Meadowvale
Staunton, Margaret MStaunt@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Whitmer
Stausmire, Kari KStausmire@WLS4Kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Certified Subs
Steele, Jenna jsteele@wls4kids.org 5th Grade Jackman
Steele, Joshua JoSteele@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Steele, Sarah SSteele@WLS4Kids.org McGregor
Steer, Heather hsteer@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER and YEARBOOK ADVISOR Whitmer
Steffen, Christie CSteffen@WLS4Kids.org Notre Dame Contracted Employee Administration
Stein, Hollie HStein@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Steinmiller, Kenneth ksteinmi@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist CTC
Stewart, Devon DStewart@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Meadowvale
Stickler, Jodi jstickler@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Monac
Stone, Sheryl sstone@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Greenwood, Nutrition
Stong, Terri tstong@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Certified Subs
Storer, Tracy tstorer@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER McGregor
Stormer, Bev bstormer@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Monac
Stowell, Emilie EStowell@WLS4Kids.org Speech Therapist Monac, Lucas County, Wernert
Strachn, Erlene EStrachn@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Streeter, Michelle mstreeter@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Meadowvale, Athletics
Studnicha-Kusic, Cassandra cstudnic@wls4kids.org Associate Principal Whitmer
Stuller, Jeanne JStuller@WLS4Kids.org SAFETY AIDE Shoreland
Sturdevant, Nicole NSturdevant@WLS4Kids.org Greenwood
Sutherland, Belinda bsutherland@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER Transportation
Sutherland, Heather HSutherland@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Suwinski, Susan SSuwinski@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Swartz, Judith jswartz@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Washington
Swartz, Julie JulSwartz@WLS4Kids.org staff Meadowvale
Swartz, Vicki viswartz@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN McGregor, Maintenance
Swiderski, Elizabeth eswider@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Swint, Laurence lswint@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Swisher, Becky bswisher@wls4kids.org SOCIAL WORKER Whitmer, CTC
Szymanski, Rachael rszymanski@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Hiawatha
Tabb, Laura ltabb@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Hiawatha
Talley, Lesley ltalley@wls4kids.org Food Services Whitmer
Tate, Mari mtate@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Greenwood
Tatkowski, Ashlee ATatkowski@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
Taylor, Jerry jetaylor@wls4kids.org staff Washington
Taylor Jr., Johnny JTaylorJr@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Teall, Brent bteall@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Whitmer
Tebbe, Tia ttebbe@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Meadowvale
Terry, Bernadette bterry@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Thebeau, Suzette sthebeau@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7.25 McGregor
Thomas, Andrea AThomas@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Substitute Meadowvale
Thomas, Angela AnThomas@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Thomas, Jennifer jthomas@wls4kids.org staff Greenwood
Thomas, Leslie LThomas@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Thomaswick, Richard rthomaswick@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Thompson, Matthew MThompson@WLS4Kids.org Whitmer
Thrash, Lana lthrash@wls4kids.org head custodian Monac, Monac
Tobin, Elizabeth ETobin@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Monac, McGregor
Tobler IV, Henry htobler@wls4kids.org staff RIF List
Toles, Charles ctoles@wls4kids.org IT Technician Central Office
Tolly, Bradley btolly@wls4kids.org teacher CTC
Tomanski, Catherine CTomanski@WLS4Kids.org Renewed Mind Whitmer, CTC, Lucas County
Toney, Molly MToney@wls4kids.org teacher/guidance Washington
Toney, Trevor ttoney@wls4kids.org STEM TEACHER Meadowvale
Torio, Theresa ttorio@wls4kids.org PSYCHOLOGIST Jackman, Wernert
Townley, Heather HTownley@WLS4Kids.org UDL Coach, Gifted Central Office
Townsend, Charles ctownsend@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Monac
Trace, AnnMarie ATrace@WLS4Kids.org Monac
Trace, Ashley AsTrace@WLS4Kids.org Monac
Traczyk, Sandra straczyk@wls4kids.org LIBRARY MEDIA CLERK Jefferson
Trailer, STEM STEMTrailer@WLS4Kids.org STEM Trailer Whitmer, CTC
Tressler, Crystal CTressler@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Trosin, Ruth rtrosin@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker RIF List
Tubbs, Deborah dtubbs@wls4kids.org staff Wernert
Tubbs, Emily ETubbs@WLS4Kids.org Transportation, Meadowvale
Tucker, Cora CTucker@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Specialist Whitmer, Student Services
Tucker, Jodie jtucker@wls4kids.org Teaching Professions Instructor CTC
Tucker, Karen ktucker@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Tucker, Karen KaTucker@WLS4Kids.org Jackman
Tussing, Heather HTussing@WLS4Kids.org Gymnastics Head Coach Whitmer
Twiggs, Shannon stwiggs@wls4kids.org SPECIAL EDUCATION SUPERVISOR Central Office, Christ the King, CTC, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Notre Dame Academy, Regina Coeli, Student Services, Westwood, Whitmer
Tyrrell, Kim ktyrrell@wls4kids.org Administration
Ulery, Heather hulery@wls4kids.org 4th grade teacher Meadowvale
Ulrich, Regina RUlrich@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Underwood, Laurel LUnderwood@WLS4Kids.org Gifted Intervention Specialist Washington
Urie, Lisa lurie@wls4kids.org 4th Grade Math & ELA McGregor
Valdez, Travis TValdez@WLS4Kids.org Drumline Instructor Whitmer
Vance, James JVance@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Vance, Wesley WVance@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker RIF List
VanOrden, Suzanne svanorde@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Monac
VanSlambrouck, Ryan RVanSlambrouck@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Specialist Whitmer
Vargas, Sherry SVargas@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Varnes, Bonnie bvarnes@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Vaughan, Cathi cvaughan@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Greenwood
Velez-Austin, Alysia AVelezAustin@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Specialist Whitmer
Vellequette, Jennifer jvellequ@wls4kids.org Title 1 Reading Jackman
Vernier, Winfield WVernier@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Veronica, Marissa mveronica@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Hiawatha
Vickers, Ashley AVickers@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Villar, Scott SVillar@WLS4Kids.org Advanced Manufacturing Whitmer
Vincent, Deb dvincent@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Hiawatha
Vogt, Micah mvogt@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Jackman
Wagner, Laurie lwagner@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Central Office
Wagner, Lindsey liwagner@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Meadowvale
Wagner, Susan swagner@wls4kids.org teacher Meadowvale
Wagoner, Sierra SWagoner@WLS4Kids.org School Counselor Substitute Certified Subs, Jefferson
Wallace, Claire CWallace@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Jefferson, Student Teacher
Walton, Lisa LWalton@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Waltos, Craig CWaltos@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Wernert
Ward, Roxanne rward@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER McGregor
Ward, Tina tward@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Warner, Karen KWarner@WLS4Kids.org Monac
Warns, Ericka EWarns@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Warren, Debra dwarren@wls4kids.org supervisor food service Administration
Warren, Janette jmwarren@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Whitmer
Warren-Groh, Rhoda RWarrenGroh@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Wasielewski, Tracey twasielewski@wls4kids.org Fourth Grade Teacher Wernert
Watkins, Madisyn MWatkins@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs
Watson, Hannah hwatson@wls4kids.org SPANISH TEACHER Jefferson, Washington
Watts, Porshia PWatts@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Weaver, Andrea AWeaver@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. TEACHER Greenwood
Weaver, Luke lweaver@wls4kids.org information technology technician Central Office, DIS, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac
Weaver, Patricia pweaver@wls4kids.org CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES Central Office, Certified Subs
Weaver, William wweaver@wls4kids.org information technology technician Central Office, CTC, Greenwood, Jackman, Shoreland, Whitmer
Webb, Jody JWebb@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Weber, Kurt KWeber@WLS4Kids.org Classified Sub
Weber, Susan sweber@wls4kids.org safety aide Jackman, McGregor
Weideman, Ed EWeideman@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Weiker, Rachel RWeiker@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Wernert
Weiss, Christine cweiss@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER McGregor
Weitzel, Sherrii SWeitzel@WLS4Kids.org Language Arts Whitmer
Welch, Jennifer jwelch@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER McGregor
Wensink, Larkin LWensink@WLS4Kids.org Volleyball Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Werner, Kelsey KWerner@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Jefferson
Wetzel, Marie mwetzel@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Wexler, Stephen swexler@wls4kids.org STEM Wernert
Whetstone, Benjamin bwhetsto@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Whetstone, Chandra CWhetstone@WLS4Kids.org Secretary Jefferson
Whetstone, Nicholas nwhetsto@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
WHIT, esports001 esports001@wls4kids.org WHIT esports001 Whitmer
WHIT, esports002 esports002@wls4kids.org WHIT esports002 Whitmer
WHIT, esports003 esports003@wls4kids.org WHIT esports003 Whitmer
WHIT, esports004 esports004@wls4kids.org WHIT esports004 Whitmer
WHIT, esports005 esports005@wls4kids.org WHIT esports005 Whitmer
WHIT, esports006 esports006@wls4kids.org WHIT esports006 Whitmer
WHIT, esports007 esports007@wls4kids.org WHIT esports007 Whitmer
WHIT, esports008 esports008@wls4kids.org WHIT esports008 Whitmer
WHIT, esports009 esports009@wls4kids.org WHIT esports009 Whitmer
WHIT, esports010 esports010@wls4kids.org WHIT esports010 Whitmer
WHIT, esports011 esports011@wls4kids.org WHIT esports011 Whitmer
WHIT, esports012 esports012@wls4kids.org WHIT esports012 Whitmer
WHIT, esports013 esports013@wls4kids.org WHIT esports013 Whitmer
WHIT, esports014 esports014@wls4kids.org WHIT esports014 Whitmer
WHIT, esports015 esports015@wls4kids.org WHIT esports015 Whitmer
WHIT, esports016 esports016@wls4kids.org WHIT esports016 Whitmer
WHIT, esports017 esports017@wls4kids.org WHIT esports017 Whitmer
WHIT, esports018 esports018@wls4kids.org WHIT esports018 Whitmer
WHIT, esports019 esports019@wls4kids.org WHIT esports019 Whitmer
WHIT, esports020 esports020@wls4kids.org WHIT esports020 Whitmer
WHIT, esports021 esports021@wls4kids.org WHIT esports021 Whitmer
WHIT, esports022 esports022@wls4kids.org WHIT esports022 Whitmer
WHIT, esports023 esports023@wls4kids.org WHIT esports023 Whitmer
WHIT, esports024 esports024@wls4kids.org WHIT esports024 Whitmer
WHIT, esports025 esports025@wls4kids.org WHIT esports025 Whitmer
WHIT, esports026 esports026@wls4kids.org WHIT esports026 Whitmer
WHIT, esports027 esports027@wls4kids.org WHIT esports027 Whitmer
WHIT, esports028 esports028@wls4kids.org WHIT esports028 Whitmer
WHIT, esports029 esports029@wls4kids.org WHIT esports029 Whitmer
WHIT, esports030 esports030@wls4kids.org WHIT esports030 Whitmer
Whitacre, Jason jwhitacr@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER CTC
White, Brenda brwhite@wls4kids.org SAFETY AIDE Monac
White, Jolynn JWhite@WLS4Kids.org Temp Interpreter thru Erie Whitmer, CTC
White, Kelly kwhite@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Whitenburg, Andrea awhitenb@wls4kids.org Library/media Greenwood, Meadowvale
Whiting, Deborah dwhiting@wls4kids.org classroom aide 4 Jackman
whitmer, Band Orchestra Boosters wbob@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Whitmer, PBISStore pbisstorewhitmer@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Whitmer, Theater WhitmerTheatre@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Whitmer, Theater2 WLSTheatre@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Whitmer, Transcripts transcripts@WLS4Kids.org staff Whitmer
Whitmer, Volleyball whitmervball@WLS4Kids.org Volley Ball Team Whitmer, Athletics
Whitmer, WHSANIME WWHSANIME@WLS4Kids.org Whitmer Anime and Manga Club Administration
whitmer, wtmr wtmr@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Whitmer Band, Department DWhitband@WLS4Kids.org Dapertment - Whitmer Band Whitmer
WHS, ESport WHSeSports@WLS4Kids.org WHS eSports Team Whitmer
Wietrzykowski, Jenny jwietrzykowski@wls4kids.org ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL Whitmer
Wilder, Jean JWilder@WLS4Kids.org School Counselor Whitmer
Wilhelm, Christopher ChWilhelm@wls4kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Wernert
Wilhelm, Karen kwilhelm@wls4kids.org LITERACY COACH Jackman
Wilk, Stephanie SWilk@WLS4Kids.org Kindergarten Teacher Wernert
Wilkin, Tricia twilkin@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TUTOR Monac
Will, Kayla KWill@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Meadowvale
Willhahn, Shelby SWillhahn@WLS4Kids.org staff Whitmer
Williams, Ashley AWilliams@WLS4Kids.org Washington
Williams, Cheryl ChWilliams@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Williams, Howard HWilliam@wls4kids.org safety aide Monac
Williams, Kaleb KWilliams@WLS4Kids.org Summer Tech Intern Jefferson, DIS
Williams, Mike MWilliams@WLS4Kids.org Assistant Football Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Williams, Rhonda rhwilliams@wls4kids.org CLASSIFIED SUBSTITUTES Administration
Williamson, Misti MWilliamson@WLS4Kids.org Certified Subs
Wilson, Bradley BWilson@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Wilson, Julie jwilson@wls4kids.org custodian Whitmer
Wilson, Lauren LaWilson@WLS4Kids.org Speech Therapy Intern Shoreland
Wilson, Sabrina swilson@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED CD TEACHER Whitmer
Win-Szafarowicz, Amy awinszafarowicz@wls4kids.org NURSE Jackman, McGregor, Meadowvale
Winkeler, Paul PWinkeler@wls4kids.org staff Central Office
Winters, Kenneth kwinters@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Wintrich, Meghan MWintrich@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Wernert
Winzeler, Mitzi MWinzeler@WLS4Kids.org Certified Substitute Certified Subs
Winzenried, Arthur awinzenried@wls4kids.org bus driver Administration
Winzenried, Cindy cwinzenried@wls4kids.org staff Administration
Winzenried, Kimberly kiwinzenried@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Monac
Winzenried, Kurtis kuwinzenried@wls4kids.org 6th Grade Teacher Shoreland
WLS, Athletics WLSAthletics@WLS4Kids.org WLS Athletics Whitmer, Athletics
WLS, Auditors WLSAuditors@WLS4Kids.org Generic Auditor Account Central Office
WLS, Bookkeeping WLSBookkeeping@WLS4Kids.org WLS Bookkeeping Central Office
WLS, Camera Camera1@WLS4Kids.org Security Camera Account Central Office
WLS, COVIDTeam COVIDTeam@WLS4Kids.org COVID Response Team Central Office
WLS, FuelMaster FuelMaster@WLS4Kids.org For FuelMaster System Administration
WLS, HRPW HRPW@WLS4Kids.org HR Peoplewerks Central Office
WLS, Public Comments WashingtonLocalPublicComments@WLS4Kids.org WLS Board Public Comments Central Office
WLS, SecCam SecCamWLS@WLS4Kids.org Security Camera Operator Monac
WLS, SocialMedia SocialMedia@WLS4Kids.org Social Media Central Office
WLS, VAX vax@WLS4Kids.org Vaccine Info Central Office
WLS, YouTube WLSYouTube@WLS4Kids.org WLS YouTube Channel Account Central Office
Woerner, Jennifer jwoerner@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Jackman
Wojtowicz, Heidi HWojtowicz@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Shoreland
Wojtowicz, Scott SWojtowi@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Monac
Wolf, Karen kwolf@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Wood, Christine cwood@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Transportation, Whitmer
Wood, Christopher ChWood@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Classified Whitmer
Woods, Elizabeth ewoods@wls4kids.org Nutrition Service Worker Meadowvale
Woodward, Anne awoodward@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Jefferson
Woolford, Riley RWoolford@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Worlds, Jermaine jworlds@wls4kids.org FIREMAN/CUSTODIAN Whitmer
Worley, Dorothy dworley@wls4kids.org Grade 4 ELA and Math Teacher Monac
Wormley, Julie jwormley@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Monac
Worstell, Julia jworstell@wls4kids.org SCHOOL NURSE Whitmer, CTC
Worstell, Robert rworstell@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer
Worth, Shelley ShWorth@WLS4Kids.org McGregor
Wozniak, Todd twozniak@wls4kids.org BUS MECHANIC Administration
Wray, Carrie cwray@wls4kids.org Principal Washington
Wright, Desiree dewright@wls4kids.org teacher Greenwood
Wroten, Candice CWroten@WLS4Kids.org Music Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Wudel, Katelyn KWudel@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Meadowvale, Student Services
Yarnboon, Andrea AYarnboon@WLS4Kids.org Summer Registration Clerk Administration
Yates, Dorothy dyates@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN McGregor, Board Members, Central Office, District Police, Maintenance, Stadium, Whitmer
Yeager, Deanna dyeager@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Monac
Young, Lina lyoung@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Hiawatha
Young, Rhea ryoung@wls4kids.org PVA teacher Whitmer
Youngs, Margaret myoungs@wls4kids.org secretary 12 month Washington
Youngs, Thomas TYoungs@WLS4Kids.org District Security Officer Whitmer
Yundt, Kim KYundt@wls4kids.org staff Greenwood
Zahs, Sonya SZahs@wls4kids.org Whitmer
Zampardo, Stephen szampard@wls4kids.org teacher CTC, Whitmer
Zielinski, Danielle dzielinski@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Shoreland
Ziems, Thomas TZiems@wls4kids.org Associate Principal Whitmer, CTC
Zimmel, Nancy nzimmel@wls4kids.org safety aide Greenwood
Zuber, Robert rzuber@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Hiawatha