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Employee Name Employee Email Job Title Building(s)
Adduci, Tammie tadduci@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Aeschliman, Kristy kaeschli@wls4kids.org ESL INSTRUCTOR CTC, Jefferson, McGregor
Badovick, Molly mbadovick@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. TEACHER Jefferson
Baughman, Randy RBaughman@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Black, Casey cablack@wls4kids.org GRADE 7/8 TEACHER Jefferson, Athletics
Bocanegra, Victoria vbocanegra@wls4kids.org staff Jefferson
Bolone, Lori LBolone@WLS4Kids.org Literacy Coach through Lake Erie West Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Borkowski, Dona dborkows@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Jefferson
Bosch, Brandon bbosch@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Jefferson
Boyd, Rhett rboyd@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Jefferson
Brancatto, Sabrina SBrancatto@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Jefferson
Chaney, Mary mchaney@wls4kids.org NUTRITION SERVICE MANAGER Jefferson
Cole, Daneen dcole@wls4kids.org COMPUTER TEACHER Jefferson, Washington
Cordrey, Jessica jcordrey@wls4kids.org SAFETY AIDE Jefferson, Maintenance, Whitmer
Dopieralski, Ashley ADopieralski@WLS4Kids.org Nutrition Service Worker Jefferson
Drake, Charley cdrake@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Jefferson
Dye, Kimberley kdye@wls4kids.org bus driver Jefferson, Building Services
Eddy, Julie jeddy@wls4kids.org 12 MTH SECRETARY Jefferson
Elliott, Jeremy jelliott@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Ewing, Stephanie sewing@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Whitmer, Jefferson
Fansler, Erin efansler@wls4kids.org ELA TEACHER Jefferson
Fillis, Katie kfillis@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Flemmings, Sean sflemmin@wls4kids.org Principal Jefferson
Frank, Marsha MFrank@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs, Jefferson, Washington, Whitmer
Georgeson, John JGeorgeson@WLS4Kids.org Band Whitmer, Greenwood, Jefferson, Monac, Washington, Wernert
Hanna, Craig channa@wls4kids.org staff Jefferson
Heigel, David dheigel@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Jefferson
Herr, Brett bherr@wls4kids.org Health and Physical Education Teacher Jefferson
Herrera, Karen kherrera@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Jefferson
Hoffman, Sara shoffman@wls4kids.org Technology Integration Specialist Whitmer, Central Office, Curriculum, HR, Jefferson, Student Services, Washington
Hogan, Julie jhogan@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Hoover, Chris choover@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Hovest, Tracy thovest@wls4kids.org Reading Teacher Jefferson
Hunter, Daniel dhunter@wls4kids.org Language Arts Teacher Jefferson
Hunter, Michelle mhunter@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Jefferson
Jefferson, Digital Signs DJefferson@WLS4Kids.org Jefferson
Kanthak, Jason JKanthak@WLS4Kids.org Head JV Football Coach Jefferson, Athletics
Kehres, Alexa akehres@wls4kids.org Associate Principal Washington, Jefferson
Kingsley, Trevor TKingsley@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Jefferson
Kocar, Karleigh kkocar@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Jefferson
Koder, Toni tkoder@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Jefferson
Kraus, Marie mkraus@wls4kids.org SCHOOL NURSE Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Ledzianowski, Sara sledzian@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Jefferson
Leis, Jeni jleis@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY ADAPTED PE Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Wernert, Whitmer
Lemon, Michelle milemon@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY PHYSICAL THERAPIST Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Wernert, Westwood, Whitmer
Lenhart, Mallory MLenhart@WLS4Kids.org UT Student Teacher Jefferson
Magginis, William wmaggini@wls4kids.org PRINCIPAL SUB Meadowvale, Jefferson, Washington
Marciniak, Rodger rmarcini@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Maroon, Kylene kmaroon@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Martin, Kristine kmartin@wls4kids.org PRINCIPAL Whitmer, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Jackman, Jefferson, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Washington, Wernert
McCree, Diane DMcCree@WLS4Kids.org Substitute/Classified Jefferson
Missler, Rodney rmissler@wls4kids.org ROBOTICS TEACHER Jefferson
Paszko, Brittani bpaszko@wls4kids.org Special Education Supervisor Central Office, Jefferson, Washington, Whitmer
Peer, Nicole npeer@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Jefferson
Petras, Gregory gpetras@wls4kids.org information technology technician Central Office, DIS, Jefferson, Maintenance, Transportation, Warehouse, Washington
Phillips, Caroline cphillips@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Jefferson
Popovich, Erin epopovic@wls4kids.org MATH TEACHER Jefferson
Prater, Bill bprater@wls4kids.org SPEECH COACH Whitmer, Jefferson
Price, Alison APrice@WLS4Kids.org ESC Gifted Teacher Jefferson
Pruitt, Stacy spruitt@wls4kids.org SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST Washington, Jackman, Jefferson
Redd, Jamie jredd@wls4kids.org LONG TERM SUB CLASSROOM AIDE Jefferson
Reinbolt, Bradley BReinbolt@WLS4Kids.org Reading Jefferson
Renollet, Michelle MRenollet@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Jefferson
Rex, Denise drex@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Jefferson
Rhoades, Justin jrhoades@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER-Band Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Roberts, Joy jroberts@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Jefferson
Rogers, Angela ARogers@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Jefferson
Rupley, Kim krupley@wls4kids.org GRADE 7 Math Teacher Jefferson
Rutkowski, Christina CRutkow@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Jefferson
Sakowski, Tera tsakowsk@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Jefferson
Schermbeck, Fritz fschermbeck@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Schiffler, Phillip pschiffl@wls4kids.org GRADE 6 TEACHER Jefferson
Schindel, Krista kschindel@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Sergent, Colleen csergent@wls4kids.org TEACHER - ENGLISH Jefferson
Simmons, Jordan jsimmons@wls4kids.org SS Teacher/Interim Associate Principal Whitmer, Jefferson
Sitter, Allison asitter@wls4kids.org JH teacher Jefferson
Smith, Kristin krsmith@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Jefferson
Torio, Theresa ttorio@wls4kids.org PSYCHOLOGIST Jefferson, Whitmer
Traczyk, Sandra straczyk@wls4kids.org LIBRARY MEDIA CLERK Jefferson
Ulrich, Suzanne sulrich@wls4kids.org OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST McGregor, Hiawatha, Jefferson, Meadowvale
Watson, Hannah hwatson@wls4kids.org SPANISH TEACHER Washington, Jefferson
Whetstone, Chandra CWhetstone@WLS4Kids.org Secretary Jefferson
Woodward, Anne awoodward@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Jefferson
Worley, Dorothy dworley@wls4kids.org teacher Jefferson
Wroten, Candice CWroten@WLS4Kids.org Music Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington