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Employee Name Employee Email Job Title Building(s)
Haskin, Grace GHaskin@WLS4Kids.org Dance Team Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Adams, Joshua jadams@wls4kids.org Social Studies Teacher Whitmer
Ames, Danuta DaAmes@WLS4Kids.org staff Whitmer
Armstrong, Abby AArmstrong@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher-SPED Whitmer
Armstrong, Luke LArmstrong@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Arvay, Christine carvay@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer
Austin, Phillip PAustin@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Sub Instructor Tutor Whitmer
Baughman, Randy RBaughman@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Baumgartner, Jennifer jbaumgart@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Bazeley, Jennifer JBazeley@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Whitmer
Begin, Melissa mbegin@wls4kids.org LIBRARY MEDIA CLERK Whitmer
Berman, Matt mberman@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Betz, Brian BrBetz@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Bitz, Tyler TBitz@WLS4Kids.org Special Education Whitmer
Boes, Laura LBoes@WLS4Kids.org Counselor Whitmer
Bolone, Lori LBolone@WLS4Kids.org Literacy Coach through Lake Erie West Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Bonner, David DBonner@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Bourquin-Doran, Alexa ABourquinDoran@wls4kids.org Math Teacher Whitmer, CTC
Brooks, Sandra sbrooks@wls4kids.org nutrition service manager Whitmer
Brown, Eric ebrown@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Brown, Kevin KeBrown@WLS4Kids.org Head Hockey Coach Jackman, Athletics, Whitmer
Brown, Robert robrown@wls4kids.org teacher/dean Whitmer
Brown, Ryan rbrown@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Burkart, Ann aburkart@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Whitmer
Cafe, Campus campuscafe@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer, CTC
Caris, Lauren lcaris@wls4kids.org CBI TEACHER Whitmer, CTC
Caris, Trey TCaris@WLS4Kids.org Athletics Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Carnes, Brandan BCarnes@WLS4Kids.org Media Arts Whitmer, CTC
Carroll, Phil PCarroll@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Carter, Brandon bcarter@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Whitmer
Castro, Rebekah rcastro@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Chadwick, Regina rchadwic@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Whitmer
Clark, Ann aclark@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Clay, James jclay@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Whitmer
Coffman, Jenna JCoffman@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Cordrey, Jessica jcordrey@wls4kids.org SAFETY AIDE Jefferson, Maintenance, Whitmer
Crahan, Thomas tcrahan@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Crespo, Marisa mcrespo@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER CTC, Whitmer
Croka, Brittany BCroka@WLS4Kids.org Renewed Mind Whitmer
Crosley, Margaret MCrosley@WLS4Kids.org Swim Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Crum , Jesse JCrum@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Curry, David dcurry@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Whitmer
Dake, Christina cdake@wls4kids.org HEALTH & PE TEACHER Whitmer
Daniels, Menyonn MDaniels@WLS4Kids.org Marketing Whitmer, CTC
Danielski, Nick NDanielski@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Densmore, Bradley bdensmor@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Densmore, Heather hdensmore@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer
Donati, Carma cdonati@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Dotson, Elena EDotson@WLS4Kids.org Science Whitmer
Dougherty, Carrie cdougherty@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. TEACHER Whitmer
Dunne, Melissa MDunne@WLS4Kids.org staff Whitmer
Durham, Seth SDurham@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Whitmer
Early, Daphne DEarly@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Sub Certified Subs, Long Term Cert Subs, Whitmer
Elendt, Leslie lelendt@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Erard, Kenneth kerard@wls4kids.org information technology technician Whitmer
Evearitt, Seth sevearit@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Whitmer
Ewing, Laurie lewing@wls4kids.org secretary/campus Whitmer
Ewing, Stephanie sewing@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Whitmer, Jefferson
Fairchild, Chloe CFairchild@WLS4Kids.org Counselor Whitmer
Figliomeni, Mark mfigliom@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Finley, Michelle mfinley@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Fischer, Brenda bfischer@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Frank, Marsha MFrank@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs, Jefferson, Washington, Whitmer
Frank, Stephanie SFrank@WLS4Kids.org Substitute Teacher Certified Subs, Whitmer
Fryman-Reed, Jodi jfrymanr@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER: Department Chair Whitmer, CTC
Fugate, Samantha sfugate@wls4kids.org custodian Whitmer
Garrett, Israel igarrett@wls4kids.org TOLEDO POLICE OFFICER SECURITY Whitmer, Classified Sub
Gauthier, Sherri sgauthier@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Whitmer
Georgeson, John JGeorgeson@WLS4Kids.org Band Whitmer, Greenwood, Jefferson, Monac, Washington, Wernert
Geronimo-Riggs, Laura LRiggs@wls4kids.org SPANISH TEACHER Whitmer
Goldsmith, Christian ChGoldsmith@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Whitmer
Good, Linda lgood@wls4kids.org BUSINESS TEACHER CTC, Whitmer
Green, Molly MGreen@WLS4Kids.org Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Grzechowiak, Annette AGrzechowiak@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Hall, Melissa mhall@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Hamen, David dhamen@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Harder, Victoria VHarder@WLS4Kids.org Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Hart, Nicholas NHart@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Hartman, Curt chartman@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Hartman, Heidi hhartman@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Hartman, Nickolas nhartman@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Whitmer
Haubert, Michelle mhaubert@wls4kids.org PRINTER CTC, Whitmer
Hauser, Jamie JHauser@WLS4Kids.org Secretary Whitmer
Hauser, Randy rhauser@wls4kids.org Director of Football Ops Whitmer, Athletics
Heather, Walker WHeather@WLS4Kids.org staff Whitmer
Hetrick-Goff, Angela ahetrick@wls4kids.org FRENCH TEACHER Whitmer
Hieronimus, Melissa mhieronimus@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Hodnicki, Christopher chodnic@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES MASTER TEACHER Whitmer
Hoel, Lucas lhoel@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Hoffman, Sara shoffman@wls4kids.org Technology Integration Specialist Whitmer, Central Office, Curriculum, HR, Jefferson, Student Services, Washington
Hunter, Julie jhunter@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Whitmer
Jacobs, Janet JJacobs@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Whitmer
Jacobs, Karly kjacobs@wls4kids.org Attendance Secretary Whitmer
Jakutowicz, Nicholas njakutow@wls4kids.org Science Teacher Whitmer
Johnson, Lorie ljohnson@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Kahl, Brian bkahl@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Kania, Kenneth kkania@wls4kids.org Maintenance Whitmer
Karcsak, Melanie mkarcsak@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist CTC, Whitmer
Kasch, Kristy kkasch@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Transportation, Whitmer
Keener, Monica mkeener@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker Whitmer
Keller, Justin jkeller@wls4kids.org teacher/dean Whitmer
Keller, Lisa lkeller@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Whitmer
Kennedy, Casuelo ckennedy@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Central Office, Nutrition, Whitmer
King, Tonya TMKing@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Whitmer
Kiser, Wendy wkiser@wls4kids.org ATTENDANCE SECRETARY WHITMER Whitmer
Kizaur, Matt mkizaur@wls4kids.org English/Drama Teacher Whitmer
Knaggs, Amber aknaggs@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Komorowski, Eric EKomorowski@WLS4Kids.org Athletics Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Kosakowski, Amanda akosakow@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Kosakowski, Megan mkosakowski@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Kotlarczyk, Bradford bkotlarczyk@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN/NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Whitmer
Kraus, Marie mkraus@wls4kids.org SCHOOL NURSE Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Kubicki, Gregory gkubicki@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Lambrecht, Cindy clambrec@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer
LaPlante, Sean SLaPlante@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Lee, Patryk PLee@WLS4Kids.org Head Coach Girls Varsity Socce Whitmer, Athletics
Leis, Jeni jleis@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY ADAPTED PE Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Wernert, Whitmer
Lemon, Michelle milemon@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY PHYSICAL THERAPIST Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Westwood, Whitmer
Leone, Suzanna sleone@wls4kids.org spec ed/case mgr Administration, McGregor, Wernert, Whitmer
Lesick, Amy alesick@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer
Levesque, Jessica JLevesque@WLS4Kids.org Whitmer, CTC
Lockard, Andrew alockard@wls4kids.org Teacher- Social Studies Whitmer
Loesel, Jill jloesel@wls4kids.org SPANISH TEACHER Whitmer
Lopez, Kim kimlopez@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer, Transportation
Lydy, Bartley blydy@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Mackenzie, Jeff JMackenzie@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Mahoney, Katherine kmahoney@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker Whitmer
Mallory, Mary mmallory@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Maly, Amanda amaly@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Maraugha, Vincent vmaraugh@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Maroon, Kylene kmaroon@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Martin, John johmartin@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Martin, Kristine kmartin@wls4kids.org PRINCIPAL Whitmer
Masters, Barbara bmasters@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Materne, Graeme GMaterne@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Mazzurco, Lynda lmazzurco@wls4kids.org Bookkeeper Whitmer, Athletics
McNamara, April amcnamara@wls4kids.org teacher/guidance Whitmer
Mee, Susan smee@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Meadowvale, Athletics, Whitmer
Meek, Haley HMeek@WLS4Kids.org Life Science Teacher Whitmer
Meinert, Lisa lmeinert@wls4kids.org custodian Whitmer
Meyer, Brian bmeyer@wls4kids.org SECURITY Whitmer
Molloy, Donald dmolloy@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED. TEACHER Whitmer
Muir, Justin jmuir@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Mullan, Matthew mmullan@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Nelson, Amanda amnelson@wls4kids.org Speech-language pathologist CTC, Whitmer
Nicholas, Alyson ANicholas@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Nino, James jnino@wls4kids.org teacher CTC, Whitmer
Nino, Jennifer jenino@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Noland, Heather hnoland@wls4kids.org HEALTH TEACHER Whitmer
Nowakowski, Beyea bnowakowski@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Odeneal, Jayne jodeneal@wls4kids.org ESL TEACHER CTC, Monac, Whitmer
OHenry, Brooke BOHenry@WLS4Kids.org School Psychologist Whitmer, CTC
Onweller, Matt MOnweller@wls4kids.org Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Oswald, Zoe ZOswald@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Owens, Michael mowens@wls4kids.org custodian Whitmer
Pakulski, Tricia tpakulski@wls4kids.org SECRETARY CTC, District Police, Whitmer
Parker, Mike mjparker@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Paszko, Brittani bpaszko@wls4kids.org Special Education Supervisor Central Office, Jefferson, Washington, Whitmer
Perkins, Pamela PaPerkins@WLS4Kids.org LONG TERM SUB CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer
Peters, Kate kpeters@wls4kids.org ENGLISH TEACHER Whitmer
Peters, Sean SPeters@WLS4Kids.org JV Basketball Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Pettaway, Tim TPettaway@WLS4Kids.org Girls Basketball Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Pfeifer, Scott SPfeifer@WLS4Kids.org Athletics Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Pierce, James JPierce@WLS4Kids.org Freshman Football Head Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Pierce, Michelle MPierce@WLS4Kids.org Culinary Arts CTC, Whitmer
Prater, Bill bprater@wls4kids.org SPEECH COACH Whitmer, Jefferson
Premo, Heather HPremo@WLS4Kids.org Business Teacher Whitmer, CTC
Preston, Jerold JPreston@wls4kids.org Security Whitmer
Przymierski, Steve SPrzymierski@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Puffenberger, Eric epuffenb@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Whitmer
Rabbitt, Mark mrabbitt@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Rao, Heidi hrao@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Reamer, Hayden hreamer@wls4kids.org n/a Whitmer, Washington
Reidy, Frank FReidy@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Reynolds, Pamela preynolds@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer
Rhoades, Justin jrhoades@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER-Band Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Richards, Ken krichards@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Whitmer
Riker, Catie criker@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer, CTC
Rodriguez, Kelsey KRodriguez@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Roper, Victoria VRoper@WLS4Kids.org Language Arts Teacher Whitmer
Rowland, Alisa alrowland@wls4kids.org DIS Technician Central Office, CTC, DIS, Hiawatha, Wernert, Whitmer
Rubley, Jason jarubley@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Sage, Aaron asage@wls4kids.org ATHLETIC TRAINER Whitmer
Scheiber, Matthew mscheibe@wls4kids.org GERMAN TEACHER Whitmer
Schneider, Michelle MSchneid@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker Whitmer
Scholl, Jacquelyn jscholl@wls4kids.org SECRETARY CTC, Whitmer
Scholl, Joshua joscholl@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Jackman, Whitmer
Schreiner, Andrea aschreiner@wls4kids.org Director of Theatre/Performing Arts Advisor Whitmer, Athletics
Schreiner, Jason jschrein@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Washington, Whitmer
Shamy, Jennifer jshamy@wls4kids.org OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST Jackman, Washington, Whitmer
Sheehan, Aida asheehan@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Shine, Elisa eshine@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7 Whitmer
Simmons, Jordan jsimmons@wls4kids.org SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Whitmer
Singleton, Felicia fsinglet@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer, Athletics
Smith, Samantha SaSmith@WLS4Kids.org Athletic Trainer Whitmer, Athletics
Smith, Samantha SSmith@WLS4Kids.org Athletic Trainer Whitmer, Athletics
Snodgrass, Ryan rsnodgrass@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Snook, Thomas tsnook@wls4kids.org assoc principal - whitmer Whitmer
Spain, KaSandra kasmith@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Sparks, Jordan jsparks@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Spencer, Susanne sspencer@wls4kids.org secretary/campus Whitmer
Squibb, Matt msquibb@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Staunton, Margaret MStaunt@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Whitmer
Steer, Heather hsteer@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER and YEARBOOK ADVISOR Whitmer
Studnicha-Kusic, Cassandra cstudnic@wls4kids.org Associate Principal Whitmer
Swisher, Becky bswisher@wls4kids.org SOCIAL WORKER Whitmer, CTC
Terry, Bernadette bterry@wls4kids.org SCIENCE TEACHER Whitmer
Thomaswick, Richard rthomaswick@wls4kids.org staff Whitmer
Tomanski, Catherine CTomanski@WLS4Kids.org Renewed Mind Whitmer, CTC, Lucas County
Torio, Theresa ttorio@wls4kids.org PSYCHOLOGIST Jefferson, Whitmer
Trailer, STEM STEMTrailer@WLS4Kids.org STEM Trailer Whitmer, CTC
Tucker, Cora CTucker@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Tussing, Heather HTussing@WLS4Kids.org Gymnastics Head Coach Whitmer
Valdez, Travis TValdez@WLS4Kids.org Drumline Instructor Whitmer
Velez-Austin, Alysia AVelezAustin@WLS4Kids.org Intervention Specialist Whitmer
Villar, Scott SVillar@WLS4Kids.org Advanced Manufacturing Whitmer
Warren, Janette jmwarren@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Whitmer
Weaver, William wweaver@wls4kids.org information technology technician Central Office, CTC, Greenwood, Jackman, Shoreland, Whitmer
Weideman, Ed EWeideman@WLS4Kids.org Security Whitmer
Weitzel, Sherrii SWeitzel@WLS4Kids.org Language Arts Whitmer, Washington
Wetzel, Marie mwetzel@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Whetstone, Nicholas nwhetsto@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Whitmer, Transcripts transcripts@WLS4Kids.org staff Whitmer
Whitmer, Volleyball whitmervball@WLS4Kids.org Volley Ball Team Whitmer, Athletics
Whitmer Band, Department DWhitband@WLS4Kids.org Dapertment - Whitmer Band Whitmer
Wietrzykowski, Jenny jwietrzykowski@wls4kids.org ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL Whitmer
Willhahn, Shelby SWillhahn@WLS4Kids.org staff Whitmer
Williams, Emily EmWilliams@WLS4Kids.org Volleyball Head Coach Whitmer
Williams, Mike MWilliams@WLS4Kids.org Assistant Football Coach Whitmer, Athletics
Wilson , Bradley BWilson@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Whitmer
Wilson, Julie jwilson@wls4kids.org custodian Whitmer
Wilson, Sabrina swilson@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED CD TEACHER Whitmer
Winters, Kenneth kwinters@wls4kids.org teacher Whitmer
Wolf, Karen kwolf@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TEACHER Whitmer
Wood, Christine cwood@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/NUTRITION SERVICE WORKER Transportation, Whitmer
Worlds, Jermaine jworlds@wls4kids.org FIREMAN/CUSTODIAN Whitmer
Worstell, Julia jworstell@wls4kids.org SCHOOL NURSE Whitmer, CTC
Worstell, Robert rworstell@wls4kids.org LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER Whitmer
Wroten, Candice CWroten@WLS4Kids.org Music Whitmer, Jefferson, Washington
Yates, Dorothy dyates@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Whitmer
Youngs, Thomas TYoungs@WLS4Kids.org District Security Officer Whitmer
Zampardo, Stephen szampard@wls4kids.org teacher CTC, Whitmer