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Employee Name Employee Email Job Title Building(s)
Adams, Amy aadams@wls4kids.org Technology Integration Specialist Central Office, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Jackman, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Wernert
Aeschliman, Kristy kaeschli@wls4kids.org ESL INSTRUCTOR CTC, Jefferson, McGregor
Baidel, Constance cbaidel@wls4kids.org SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST McGregor, Hiawatha, Wernert
Barone, Katherine KBarone@WLS4Kids.org staff McGregor
Black, Carolyn cblack@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist McGregor
Borders, Tiffany TBorders@WLS4Kids.org Substitute/Classified McGregor
Brown, Addalyn AdBrown@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor McGregor, Hiawatha
Crago, Kimberley kcrago@wls4kids.org BUS MONITOR/ SAFETY AIDE Transportation, McGregor
Creighton, Cheryl ccreight@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER McGregor
Crisp, Laurie lcrisp@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER McGregor
Darling, Danielle ddarling@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER McGregor
Eggert, Danielle DEggert@WLS4Kids.org Student teacher from BGSU McGregor
Ersepke, Laura lersepke@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Evearitt, Theresa taevearitt@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER McGregor
Fandrey, Beverly bfandrey@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER McGregor, Hiawatha
Geer, Laura lgeer@wls4kids.org PSYCHOLOGIST Jackman, McGregor
Gilliam, Karen kgilliam@wls4kids.org head custodian McGregor
Giovannucci, Angela AGiovannucci@WLS4Kids.org staff Monac, McGregor
Goeb, Anna AGoeb@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher McGregor
Graver, Sandra sgraver@wls4kids.org NURSE Greenwood, McGregor, Wernert
Hamway, Sue shamway@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Heminger, Darren dheminger@wls4kids.org SAFETY AIDE Wernert, McGregor
Hojnacki, Julie JHojnack@wls4kids.org safety aide McGregor, Meadowvale
Hubans, Karen khubans@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE McGregor, Student Services
Huebner, Shanna shuebner@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Jensen, Jen jjensen@wls4kids.org SECRETARY McGregor
Johnson, Melissa mejohnson@wls4kids.org KDG. TEACHER McGregor
Kasper, Gina gkasper@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED TUTOR McGregor
Kessler, Stacey skessler@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER McGregor
Lehmann, Dale dlehmann@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER McGregor, Jackman
Leis, Jeni jleis@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY ADAPTED PE Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Wernert, Whitmer
Lemon, Michelle milemon@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY PHYSICAL THERAPIST Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Wernert, Westwood, Whitmer
Leone, Suzanna sleone@wls4kids.org spec ed/case mgr Administration, McGregor, Wernert, Whitmer
Lirot, Kelly klirot@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER McGregor
Manner, Tricia TManner@WLS4Kids.org staff McGregor
Mansfield, Taylor TaMansfield@WLS4Kids.org Special Education Instructor/Tutor McGregor
Martin, Kristine kmartin@wls4kids.org PRINCIPAL Whitmer, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Jackman, Jefferson, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Washington, Wernert
Marx, Brittney bmarx@wls4kids.org Teacher McGregor
McCall, Wendy wmccall@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
McClellan, Amanda amcclellan@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Novak, Rachael ranovak@wls4kids.org Principal McGregor
Pedelose, Angela apedelose@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/SAFETY AIDE Transportation, McGregor
Pennywitt, Chad cpennywi@wls4kids.org teacher Jackman, McGregor
Ramm, Cheryl cramm@wls4kids.org BUS MONITOR/SAFETY AIDE Transportation, McGregor
Razook, Debra drazook@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker McGregor
Re, Amy ARe@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER McGregor
Riebe, Rhonda rriebe@wls4kids.org nutrition service manager McGregor
Ross, Amy aross@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Rude, Sally SaRude@WLS4Kids.org staff McGregor
Ryan, Nicole nryan@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR McGregor
Schifko, Emily eschifko@wls4kids.org McGregor 6th Grade- ELA McGregor
Schrock, Mark MSchrock@WLS4Kids.org Partners in Education McGregor
Schwab, Jill jschwab@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE McGregor
Shaffer, Eliana EShaffer@WLS4Kids.org Student Psychologist Jackman, McGregor
Sheets, Amanda asheets@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Skrzyniecki, Lindsay LSkrzyniecki@WLS4Kids.org Title I Tutor Certified Subs, McGregor
Storer, Tracy tstorer@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER McGregor
Sugg, Barbara bsugg@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/SAFETY AIDE Transportation, McGregor
Swartz, Vicki viswartz@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN McGregor, Maintenance
Sylak, Amy asylak@wls4kids.org LITERACY COACH McGregor
Thebeau, Suzette sthebeau@wls4kids.org classroom aide 7.25 McGregor
Tobin, Elizabeth ETobin@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Monac, McGregor
Toles, Charles ctoles@wls4kids.org n/a Central Office, DIS, McGregor, Monac
Ulrich, Suzanne sulrich@wls4kids.org OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST McGregor, Hiawatha, Jefferson, Meadowvale
Urie, Lisa lurie@wls4kids.org 4th Grade Math & ELA McGregor
Wagoner, Sierra SWagoner@WLS4Kids.org School Counselor Intern Certified Subs, McGregor
Ward, Roxanne rward@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER McGregor
Ward, Tina tward@wls4kids.org teacher McGregor
Weaver, Luke lweaver@wls4kids.org information technology technician Central Office, DIS, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac
Weber, Susan sweber@wls4kids.org safety aide Jackman, McGregor
Weiss, Christine cweiss@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER McGregor
Welch, Jennifer jwelch@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER McGregor
Win-Szafarowicz, Amy awinszafarowicz@wls4kids.org NURSE Jackman, McGregor, Meadowvale