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Employee Name Employee Email Job Title Building(s)
Adams, Amy aadams@wls4kids.org Technology Integration Specialist Central Office, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Jackman, McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Shoreland, Wernert
Algarin, Tiffany TAlgarin@wls4kids.org GRADE 2 TEACHER Shoreland
Allsbrooks, Carrie callbroo@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Shoreland
Babel-Pounds, Debra dbabelpounds@wls4kids.org BUS DRIVER/SAFETY AIDE Shoreland, Transportation
Bacon, Paige PBacon@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Sub Shoreland
Baumberger, Kelly kbaumber@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Shoreland
Becker, Christin cbecker@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Bennett II, David dbennett@wls4kids.org 5th Grade Teacher Shoreland
Bott, Charles cbott@wls4kids.org Dean Whitmer High School A-D Shoreland, Meadowvale
Burkett, Krista KBurkett@WLS4Kids.org LEAP Teacher Greenwood, Jackman, Meadowvale, Shoreland
Buss, Bridget bbuss@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Casto, John jcasto@wls4kids.org CUSTODIAN Shoreland
Cicerella, Diana dcicerel@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Greenwood, Shoreland
Cole, Jessica jcole@wls4kids.org SECRETARY Shoreland
Cole, Lorie lcole@wls4kids.org head custodian Shoreland
Conlan, Tammera tconlan@wls4kids.org ART TEACHER Shoreland
Crammond, Bonnie BCrammond@WLS4Kids.org Classroom Aide Shoreland
Dedo, Kimberly kdedo@wls4kids.org principal-shoreland Shoreland
Earl, Jennifer jearl@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Emahiser, Chelsey CEmahiser@WLS4Kids.org Student Teacher Shoreland
Flowers, Lisa LFlowers@WLS4Kids.org staff Jackman, Shoreland
Forche, Jeremie jforche@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Fritch, Katlyn kfritch@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Shoreland
Garn, Kelli kgarn@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Geha, Rachel rgeha@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Shoreland
Grieve, Cassandra CGrieve@wls4kids.org Title I Shoreland
Haas, Christine CHaas@WLS4Kids.org Nurse Shoreland, Hiawatha, Monac
Harris, Tamara tharris@wls4kids.org COUNSELOR Shoreland
Hertz, Tracy THertz@WLS4Kids.org Associate Principal Meadowvale, Shoreland
Hoskins, Lauren lhoskins@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED IT Shoreland
Hymore, Amy ahymore@wls4kids.org Grade 6 Teacher Shoreland
Jackson, Erika ejackson@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Jacobiak, Angela ajacobiak@wls4kids.org Secretary Shoreland
Jager, Lynn ljager@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Shoreland
Kazmaier, Kimberly KKazmaier@WLS4Kids.org Shoreland
Keller, Levi LeKeller@WLS4Kids.org Temp Staff Thru partnerstoledo.org Shoreland
Knight, Deborah dknight@wls4kids.org nutrition service manager Shoreland
Konz, Jane jkonz@wls4kids.org LONG TERM SUB TEACHER Certified Subs, Long Term Cert Subs, Shoreland
Krecioch, Sue skrecioc@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Shoreland
LaPoint, Jaime jlapoint@wls4kids.org Title One Teacher Shoreland
Larsen, Kelly klarsen@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Shoreland
Leis, Jeni jleis@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY ADAPTED PE Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Wernert, Whitmer
Lemon, Michelle milemon@wls4kids.org LUCAS COUNTY PHYSICAL THERAPIST Hiawatha, Greenwood, Jackman, Jefferson, Lucas County, McGregor, Meadowvale, Shoreland, Student Services, Washington, Westwood, Whitmer
Lenhart, Kelsey klenhart@wls4kids.org CLASSROOM AIDE Shoreland
Manders, Sue smanders@wls4kids.org safety aide Shoreland
Mayo, Jennifer jmayo@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
McClain, Jennifer JMcClain@WLS4Kids.org Occupational Therapist - Contract Monac, Greenwood, Shoreland
McClung, Nanette nmcclung@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Mclure, Kyle KyMcClure@wls4kids.org Custodian Shoreland
Michaelis, Tracy tmichael@wls4kids.org Intervention Specialist Shoreland
Miller, Rachel rmiller@wls4kids.org title 1 teacher Shoreland
Mocniak, Beverly bmocniak@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker Shoreland
Morse, Judy jmorse@wls4kids.org PSYCHOLOGIST Greenwood, Hiawatha, Shoreland
Murray, Rebecca rmurray@wls4kids.org SPECIAL ED IT TEACHER Shoreland
OBrien, Sarah SOBrien@WLS4Kids.org Long Term Sub Shoreland
Oyler, Beth boyler@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Pawlaczyk, Hope hpawlacz@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Shoreland
Perlowitz, Lucinda LPerlowitz@wls4kids.org Classroom Aide Shoreland
Qurban-Ali, Carrie CQurbanAli@WLS4Kids.org Special Ed Instructor/Tutor Shoreland
Righi, Erin erighi@wls4kids.org SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST Shoreland
Robertson, Allison aroberts@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Shoreland
Rotunno, Heather HRotunno@wls4kids.org MUSIC TEACHER Shoreland
Rupp, Christine crupp@wls4kids.org PE TEACHER Greenwood, Shoreland
Rybarczyk, John jrybarczyk@wls4kids.org Classroom Aide Shoreland
Scott, Paige pscott@wls4kids.org KDG TEACHER Shoreland
Sharp, Sierra ssharp@wls4kids.org nutrition service worker Shoreland
Spitler, Tracey TSpitler@WLS4Kids.org Safety Aide Shoreland
Stanton, Lori lstanton@wls4kids.org GRADE 4 TEACHER Shoreland
Swiderski, Elizabeth eswider@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Traber, Sarah straber@wls4kids.org GRADE 1 TEACHER Shoreland
Twiggs, Shannon stwiggs@wls4kids.org SPECIAL EDUCATION SUPERVISOR Central Office, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Monac, Shoreland, Student Services, Westwood
Ulery, Heather hulery@wls4kids.org PVA TEACHER Meadowvale, Greenwood, Hiawatha, Shoreland
Weaver, William wweaver@wls4kids.org information technology technician Central Office, CTC, Greenwood, Jackman, Shoreland, Whitmer
White, Kelly kwhite@wls4kids.org teacher Shoreland
Wilson, Lauren LaWilson@WLS4Kids.org Speech Therapy Intern Shoreland
Wilson, Lori LWilson@WLS4Kids.org Safety Aide Shoreland
Winzenried, Kurtis kuwinzenried@wls4kids.org 6th Grade Teacher Shoreland
Wojtowicz, Heidi HWojtowicz@wls4kids.org GRADE 5 TEACHER Shoreland
Zielinski, Danielle dzielinski@wls4kids.org GRADE 3 TEACHER Shoreland