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Enrollment Counts

Student Enrollment Counts
- This tool will display the student enrollment counts from any date from 08/25/2010 through last night.
- You can filter by building, grade, grade and gender.
- You can export as a spreadhseet, csv, or PDF.
- This replaces the Current Student Counts (combined and by gender,) and the Enrollment Time Machine.

Enrollment Trends

Enrollment History Graph
This is a graphing tool that lets you select any building / grade with a starting date and ending date. A graph will then be displayed showing the changes in enrollment. You can also select the entire district and/or all grade levels.
Mobility Reports
Select a date range such as this month, this year, etc. and the tool will display the starting enrollment, students entering / leaving the district, the students trasferring between buildings, and the final enrollment.
Compare two years / Same Day
This is a graphing tool that will show the difference in enrollment between two years on the same month / day. For example: Comparing 2010 to 2011 how many more or less students were registered on each day in August? You can select by building, grade or entire district.
Enrollment On Same Day Over Multiple Years
This tool will display the enrollment on the same month / day over multiple years. For example: What was the enrollment in each grade on August 5 since 2010? You can filter by building, grade, or see the entire district.
Follow a Cohort Through Time
Select a grade level and starting school year. Then select an ending school year. You will then see a enrollment graph for the initially selected group over the years selected.

Building / District Statistics

Build Custom Statistics Report
Four steps for building your own custom statistics report. Pick one or more available statistics. Select one or more years. Select one or more buildings. Select the format. You can generate a table, a bar chart or a line graph. You can even extract the data into Excel. Flash is required for this tool.

View all Available Statistics by School Year
Select a school year and see all of the available statistics for that school year as a table.
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